Let the (Out) Games Begin

With 2,500 fewer participants than organizers had originally hoped for, the second annual Outgames forges ahead in Copenhagen despite the world economic crisis -- one sporting event at a time.



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The Outgames is hosting exhibitions, performances, concerts, workshops, and a week of parties. For instance, "The History of Homosexuality in Copenhagen" is offered at the Museum of Copenhagen. In addition, six global cities, such as Mexico City and Tel Aviv, will participate in OutCities, held on the streets of Copenhagen to showcase the very best of world culture -- with a queer twist.


There will be about 30 different sporting disciplines played, from the 100-meter sprint to the 200-meter backstroke, from basketball to volleyball. Swimming will be the largest sporting show as the 2009 International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) annual Championship will be held at the Outgames.

"I am extremely happy that, in these turbulent economic times, we have managed to get so many people from all corners of the world to come to Copenhagen this summer," Elbæk said. "There are participants from some of the countries where loving someone of the same sex can mean imprisonment or even the death penalty, such as Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates."

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