The Winner Takes It All

An attack at the World Outgames in Copenhagen last month miraculously left only one person injured -- runner Dean Koga, who just 24 hours later, his hand wrapped in bandages, turned around and won a gold medal.



What's been the response since you've returned to the United States? Amazing. The outpouring of support from people from around the world, literally, has been incredible.

Perhaps a mini celebrity? I was amazed about how quickly people found out, but that's because of the age [of technology] that we now live in, thanks to the Internet.

What would you say to the Outgames organizers? I think they did the best they could to make [the track competition] and the event as a whole safe.

What kind of response have you gotten since returning to work? All of the people in my office had heard about it and all were genuinely concerned. It's really been overwhelming and kind of surprising that an overseas event like that was in the news here in America.

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