Who Has Given Russia The Coldest Shoulder, So Far?

While there is no one way to register unhappiness with Russia's laws and antigay violence, some are much colder than others.



NBC Sports anchor Bob Costas says he did not want to become part of the story by interjecting his own commentary, but he wants Putin to talk about the law. "If Putin doesn’t drag his butt into the studio, then we’ll talk about it without him," he said.


LGBT activists unfurled a massive rainbow banner to protest "Russia Day" at the New York Stock Exchange. 


The first thing Nadezhda Tolokonnikova did after being released from prison was call for a boycott of the Winter Olympics. A member of Russia's famed radical feminist band, Pussy Riot, Tolokonnikova was freed after nearly two years in prison for propaganda. As the Olympics approached, Putin suddenly released a series of political prisoners who were triggering bad PR.


Notorious, street artist Banksy is rumored to be headed to Russia just in time for the Sochi games. Who knows what amazing subversive art he may reveal during the opening ceremonies?


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