5 Things To Know About Brian Boitano

Brian Boitano was named to the official delegation representing the U.S. at the Sochi games. Here are five things you should know about the out Olympian.



Boitano and Brook Shields at the People's Choice Awards, 1988

1. Boitano got his skating start as a "daredevil roller skater on the sidewalks of Sunnyvale, Calif." Eventually, he started pretending that his driveway was ice, and he'd pretend he was skating as Rudolph Valentino (with a cape, of course), starring in a show with Peggy Flemming. He wore his skates into the ground — even after they became too small for his feet, he cut holes in the boots of the skates to accommodate his growing body. By the time he was 8 and a half, he entered his first ice competition, in the Pixie Derby Boys division.