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WATCH: What Happened When A Member of Notre Dame's Tennis Team Came Out

WATCH: This Is How to React to a Gay Teammate

When Matt Dooley came out to his coaches and teammates on Notre Dame's men's tennis team, he found more acceptance and support than he ever imagined.

Suit Claims Antigay Harassment by Houston Rockets

Suit Claims Antigay Harassment by Houston Rockets

A gay man who worked for the catering company serving Barclays Center in Brooklyn says Rockets players heaped antigay abuse on him before a game with the Nets last year.

WATCH: Wet, Shirtless Kiwi Ruggers Do Māori Haka Dance

You really don't need to be a sports fan to get into this video of half-naked rugby players in the rain.

American Football Player in Sweden Comes Out, Inspired by Michael Sam

22-year-old Marcus Juhlin, Swedish champion in American Football, came out in QX magazine

NFL Team Owners Say They're Ready to Recruit Gay Player

NFL Team Owners: Prepared to Recruit Gay Players

Gay former football player Wade Davis held meetings with NFL team owners this week, and many say they're ready to bring a gay player into the fold.

Take Us Out to The Gay Softball Leagues

Take Us Out to the Gay Softball Leagues

It's time for the boys and girls of summer.

Antigay Language Hurled At Collins On The Court

Antigay Language Hurled at Collins on the Court

Collins says a "knucklehead" used defamatory language against him during a game.

Get to Know Pro Baseball's Gay Pioneers

Get to Know Pro Baseball's Gay Pioneers

Don't think baseball's so gay? Think again.

Michael Sam Thanks His Mizzou Community

Michael Sam Thanks His Mizzou Community

As Michael Sam puts out one last effort in front of NFL scouts, he thanks members of his campus community for providing support and love during his coming out.

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