Former NFL Player Wade Davis On Coming Out and Helping LGBT Youth
June 05 2012 3:09 PM ET

Wade Davis on Being Gay in the NFL

Michelle Garcia

More than a decade ago, football cornerback Wade Davis was struggling to make the Tennessee Titans roster while also grappling with the fact that he was gay.

English Footballer Joey Barton Gets Into Fistfight At Liverpool Gay Club
June 04 2012 6:06 PM ET

English Footballer Punched in Head Outside Gay Club

Neal Broverman

Joey Barton is now under arrest.

NFL Rookies, Veterans Weigh in on Gay Players
May 24 2012 2:12 PM ET

NFL Players Weigh In on Gay Players

Michelle Garcia

Several current and retired NFL players say that they and their teammates are ready to welcome a gay player on their team.

MMA Fighter Jessica Aguilar Comes Out As Bisexual
May 18 2012 12:04 PM ET

MMA Fighter Comes Out As Bi

Michelle Garcia

As mixed martial arts fighter Jessica Aguilar gears up to fight the top-seeded female strawweight in the world, she told Sports Illustrated's Loretta Hunt that she has learned to be more open about her bisexuality. "I don't put it in any titles," said Aguilar, "but I'd say when I've found the right person—whether it's a man or a woman—I'd be happy."

Boxer Manny Pacquiao Denies Making Antigay Remarks
May 16 2012 4:11 PM ET

Boxer Manny Pacquiao Denies Making Antigay Remarks

Jeremy Kinser

WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao denies he made the antigay remarks that have led to his being barred from entering a Los Angeles shopping center, the cancellation of an interview with Extra, and the launch of a campaign to end his endorsement deal with Nike.

AnheuserBusch Threatens UFC Over Derogatory Language
April 27 2012 7:34 PM ET

Anheuser-Busch Threatens UFC Over Derogatory Language 

Michelle Garcia

Ultimate Fighting Championship sponsor Anheuser-Busch has threatened to pull its advertising if the the mixed martial arts organization doesn't pursuade its fighters and commentators to tone down some of their homophobic and sexist language.

Nebraska Coach Honor to Lose Job for Antigay Statements
April 26 2012 6:39 PM ET

Nebraska Coach: “Honor” to Lose Job for Antigay Statements

Trudy Ring

To University of Nebraska assistant football coach Ron Brown, it would be an “honor” to be fired for speaking out against an LGBT rights law.

Oakland As Pitcher Blasts Homophobic Kiss Cam
April 26 2012 2:00 PM ET

Oakland A's Pitcher Blasts Homophobic Kiss Cam

Neal Broverman

Brandon McCarthy stands up against a silly and, some would say, antigay practice.

Marathon Season
September 18 2009 2:10 PM ET

Marathon season

Caroline Ryder

Spring is in the air and it is time to get out and start running. New Balance product manager Katherine Petrecca shares the secrets of what it takes to make a good shoe.

The Winner Takes It All
August 11 2009 12:00 AM ET

The Winner Takes It All

Ross Forman

An attack at the World Outgames in Copenhagen last month miraculously left only one person injured -- runner Dean Koga, who just 24 hours later, his hand wrapped in bandages, turned around and won a gold medal.

Notes From Outgames: The Former Pro
July 29 2009 12:00 AM ET

Notes From Outgames: The Former Pro

Ross Forman

One of the top players here in the men's soccer tournament at the second World Outgames was a former professional for the Pumas UNAM of Mexico City. But that was years ago, and "he" is now Miranda Salman.