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Blue Jays Fans Boo Escobar on Return After Antigay Incident
September 28 2012 12:53 PM ET

Blue Jays' Escobar Returns to Boos After Antigay Incident

Trudy Ring

Yunel Escobar received some negative feedback from fans in his first home game after being suspended for sporting an antigay slur on his face.

Dallas Cowboys Lose Out on Website URL and See It Become Gay Dating Site
September 24 2012 12:14 PM ET

To Dallas Cowboys' Chagrin, Is a Gay Dating Site

Neal Broverman

To Dallas Cowboys' Chagrin, Is a Gay Dating Site

Former MLB Owner Comes Out and Hopes a Player to Do The Same
September 23 2012 10:21 AM ET

Former MLB Owner Comes Out, Hopes Players Do The Same

Lucas Grindley

The former owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Kevin McClatchy, is still amazed that not a single pro athlete has come out while playing.

New Campaign Calls on Five Pro Sports Commissioners to Support a Gay Player
September 22 2012 10:09 AM ET

Will They Say It? 5 Commissioners Asked to Support Gay Player

Lucas Grindley

Blue Jays' Yunel Escobar Played With Gay Slur Written on Face
September 18 2012 11:28 AM ET September 18 2012 2:53 PM ET

Blue Jays' Shortstop Suspended for Writing Gay Slur on Face

Michelle Garcia

Toronto Blue Jays player Yunel Escobar was caught with homophobia written all across his face.

Chancellor of Germany Urges Gay Soccer Players to Come Out But an Anonymous Player Fears for His Safety
September 13 2012 1:00 PM ET

Anonymous Soccer Player Fears for Safety If Outed

Lucas Grindley

But even the chancellor of Germany is urging players to come out of the closet.

Hockey Player Matt Hendricks Wants to End Homophobia in the Locker Room
September 11 2012 5:57 PM ET

Hockey Player Wants to End Homophobia in the Locker Room

Michelle Garcia

Washington Capitals forward Matt Hendricks says it's time for homophobia to end in hockey's arenas.

College Football Player Kicked Off Team After Kissing Boyfriend
September 11 2012 2:43 PM ET

College Football Player Kicked Off Team After Kissing Boyfriend

Michelle Garcia

A North Dakota college football player was kicked off his team after kissing his boyfriend in the press box at a game.

Washington Nationals Rookies Show It All Off
September 10 2012 2:16 PM ET

Washington Nationals Rookies Show It All Off

Neal Broverman

The young rookies for the Washington Nationals baseball team donned bright red gymnastic onesies as part of a cross-dressing hazing ritual.

Aussie Footballer Comes Out, Encourages Gay Acceptance For League
September 10 2012 12:52 PM ET

Aussie Footballer Comes Out

Michelle Garcia

Australian football player Jason Ball not only announced that he is gay, but that his new goal is to get the Australian Football League to show an anti-homophobia ad during it's major championship

Five NFL Players Say Gay Is OK
September 06 2012 11:29 AM ET

Five More NFL Players Say Gay Is OK

Sunnivie Brydum

Five current NFL players have indicated they would have no problem playing alongside a gay teammate, bringing the total who've stated support to two dozen athletes.

Hudson Taylor Takes His Training on the Road
September 06 2012 4:00 AM ET

Hudson Taylor Takes His Training on the Road

David Duran

The straight, former all-American wrestler and founder of Athlete Ally says he can change the world by talking to pro sports players about LGBT people.