June July 2016
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The Advocate

TLC may have no choice but to cancel the show in the wake of a molestation scandal.

May 28 2015 6:36 PM

Dan Savage highlights the hypocrisy of reality TV's Duggar clan, who painted LGBT people as child predators while their oldest son was allegedly sexually abusing underage girls.

May 23 2015 2:21 PM

TLC weighs the future of 19 Kids and Counting following a molestation scandal involving its stars.

May 22 2015 2:05 PM

Transparent creator Jill Soloway gives advice to Hollywood on creating projects that humanize rather than sensationalize transgender characters.

May 22 2015 9:00 AM

Small-screen smooches that changed the media landscape.

May 21 2015 8:00 AM