Traditional Values Coalition
The Traditional Values Coalition, or the TVC, is a small and influential, conservative Christian organization representing over 43,000 Christian churches throughout the United States. Learn more about the group that’s been designated an antigay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center for spreading falsehoods about LGBT people, as well as distributing information referring to gays and lesbians as "sexual predators" and "pedophiles." Keep up to date on this anti-LGBT group, as the Traditional Values Coalition continues to spread its message of hate.
FRC Shooting Suspect May Have Had Plans for Second Conservative Shooting
August 18 2012 2:59 PM ET

FRC Shooting Suspect May Have Had Plans for Second Conservative Shooting

Jeremy Kinser

The man who shot a Family Research Council security guard last Wednesday may have planned to open fire on another Christian conservative organization.

California Bill to Recognize More Than Two Parents Upsets Conservatives
July 06 2012 4:59 PM ET

Calif. Bill to Recognize More Than Two Parents Upsets Right-Wingers

Trudy Ring

Sponsor Mark Leno and supporters say such a law would benefit children, but the right wing sees it as 'absurd.'

Senate Approves Openly Gay Judicial Nominee
March 15 2012 4:17 PM ET

Senate Approves Gay Judicial Nominee


The U.S. Senate approved the judicial nomination of Michael W. Fitzgerald, a gay Obama administration nominee for the federal bench.

Effort to Kill Calif LGBT Education Act Ramps Up
January 27 2012 6:10 PM ET

Effort to Kill Calif. LGBT Education Act Ramps Up

Neal Broverman

An effort to kill the California law that mandates the teaching of historical contributions by LGBT people moves closer to qualifying for the ballot as opponents now have until June to collect half a million signatures.

Conservative Christian Groups Attack Gay Judicial Nominee
November 03 2011 11:15 AM ET

Conservative Christian Groups Lobby Against Gay Judicial Nominee

Julie Bolcer

Two conservative Christian groups sent letters this week to members of the Senate Judiciary Committee urging them to oppose the nomination of Michael Fitzgerald, an openly gay nominee for U.S. District for the Central District of California.

Fox News Gays Indoctinating Your Kids
July 08 2011 2:20 PM ET

Fox News: Gays “Indoctrinating” Your Kids

Trudy Ring

Fox reacted to California legislation that would require public schools to teach students about the contributions of LGBT people.

Feldblum Confirmed to EEOC
December 23 2010 4:15 PM ET

Feldblum Confirmed to EEOC Editors

Lesbian lawyer and longtime activist Chai Feldblum was confirmed as a commissioner of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in a Senate vote.

Antigay Group Repealing DADT Will Bring Sex-Crazed Gay Males
March 06 2010 2:40 PM ET

Antigay Group Repealing DADT Will Bring Sex-Crazed Gay Males Editors

Traditional Values Coalition executive director Andrea Lafferty has issued a call to action to members of the antigay group, urging supporters to help defend 'the military from the gay agenda.'

Antigay group pleads for money
February 14 2001 12:00 AM ET

Antigay group pleads for money Editors

The Traditional Values Coalition of Contra Costa County, Calif., is reportedly so broke that it has sent out a handwritten letter to supporters asking for funding.