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STUDY: Transgender Youth Do Not Have Hormonal Imbalance

STUDY: Trans Youth Do Not Have Hormonal Imbalance

Researchers in Los Angeles say they've learned that the feelings around transgender identity aren’t a result of misaligned hormones.

Glasgow Free Pride Rescinds Drag Ban

Pride Event Ends Drag Ban

Many are still fuming after a Scottish Pride gathering initially said no to drag performers.

Tampa, Florida Sees Tenth Trans Woman Murdered in U.S. in 2015

Victim Number 10: Another Trans Woman Murdered

India Clarke was found beaten to death in a Tampa park. Who killed her remains a mystery.

Op-ed: What the Ruby Rose Obsession Misses About Gender-Fluid Lives

Op-ed: The Ruby Rose Obsession And Gender-Fluidity

The next frontier is nonbinary genders so start getting with it, world.

All-Transgender Modeling Agency is Set to Launch

All-Transgender Modeling Agency Set to Launch

Apple Model Management L.A. is ready to trans-form the modeling industry as the world’s first agency to represent all-transgender models.

New York Responds to Critics, Issues Statewide Guidelines for Trans Student Inclusion

Public Schools in N.Y. Get New Guidelines for Trans Students

Groups that have championed the cause of LGBT students say the new guidelines go a long way toward protecting vulnerable children.

New York Gay Bar Accused of Discriminating Against Trans Woman Over Bathroom Use

N.Y. Gay Bar Accused of Transphobia After Ejecting Trans Woman

Billie Matthews says it was particularly disheartening to face alleged bias in an LGBT space, and was joined Monday by protesters calling for a boycott.

Ashley Diamond, Black Trans Woman Suing for Safety, Allegedly Raped in Ga. Prison Again
July 22 2015 3:20 PM ET

Ashley Diamond Allegedly Assaulted in Prison Again

Ashley Diamond, 36, has called the repeated rapes she's allegedly endured in men's prisons 'torture.' Despite her other legal victories, she's still not safe.

Op-ed: When Homeless Trans Men Face Violence, There Are No Places to Turn

When Homeless Trans Men Facing Violence Have Nowhere to Turn

Boys Do Cry: Shelter, foster care, mental health, and legal systems keep letting men like me fall through the cracks.

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