Aug Sept 2016
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Read the latest news about transgender issues. Learn more about how transgender public figures, including Chelsea Manning, Jen Richards, Laverne Cox, Janet Mock, Caitlyn Jenner, Chaz Bono, and others are shaping and pushing forward the agenda of the LGBT rights movement. Whether it’s in the spheres of entertainment, politics, education, media, government, or international or local coverage, The Advocate is the leading source for news that is important to transgender, gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals around the world.

The 54-story building in Charlotte displayed the colors of the transgender pride flag, only a week after the state passed a transphobic bill.

April 01 2016 9:22 AM

Protesting transphobic laws with selfies of burly trans men in women's bathrooms packs a punch, but doing so could make it even harder for gender-nonconforming folks to pee in peace.

April 01 2016 6:01 AM

Nathalie Huerta's LGBT-friendly gym in Oakland is not just a place of fitness, but a safe space and community gathering spot.

April 01 2016 5:46 AM

Jenner recently told The Advocate golf is one of her two favorite sports, and proved she's no slouch with her second shot on the very first hole. 

March 31 2016 3:31 PM

The National Basketball Association joined more than 80 corporations, many of them major players, in telling North Carolina its new anti-LGBT law is bad for their businesses.

March 31 2016 2:44 PM

Trans men are going into ladies rooms and trans women into mens rooms to launch social media campaigns, as Governor Pat McCrory spreads unfounded fear to defend his anti-LGBT law.

March 31 2016 12:48 PM