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Op-ed: Why Do Transmasculine People Tend to Stay in Abusive Relationships?

Op-ed: Transmasculine People And Abusive Relationships

Boys Do Cry: One survivor's story helps illuminate the unique pressures that often keep transmasculine people quiet about intimate partner violence.

The Bold and the Beautiful's Scott Turner Schofield Speaks Transgender Truth to 30 Million

Scott Turner Schofield Speaks Trans Truth to 30 Million

'If this was on prime time, people would be losing their minds,' says the soap star, who's showing audiences that trans people owe no one an explanation.

Salvadoran Trans Man Says He Was Brutalized by Police After Pride Parade

Salvadoran Trans Man Says He Was Brutalized by Police After Pride Parade

Aldo Alexander Peña leaked pictures to social media of his disfigured face after police, he says, broke his eye socket while arresting him on false charges.

What Trans Movement?

What Trans Movement?

Caitlyn Jenner’s story is an important one. But stories like hers alone cannot sustain a movement of racially and culturally diverse trans men and women seeking community and visibility.

Op-ed: San Francisco's Hateful Bishop Is Dead Wrong About Trans People

Op-ed: S.F.'s Hateful Bishop Is Dead Wrong About Trans People

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone denies the existence of transgender people. Maybe he should actually meet a trans person before making up his mind.

Op-ed: Learning to Love My Trans Male Body After Years of Violence

Op-ed: Learning to Love My Trans Male Body After Years of Violence

Boys Do Cry: So many trans men respond to intolerance with self-hatred and silence. This one learned how to be kind to himself.

Houston Man Sues City Over Law Allowing Trans Citizens to Use Correct Bathrooms

Grumpy Houston Man Sues City Over Trans-Inclusive Ordinance

Longtime anti-LGBT activist Dave Wilson is angry the city won't heed his petition, which also demands businesses define 'gender' as one's birth-assigned sex.

REPORTS: Pentagon Poised to Lift Transgender Military Ban

Sec. of Defense Confirms: Yes, We'll Lift Trans Military Ban

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced a Pentagon working group that will operate under the presumption that transgender Americans should be able to serve openly in the U.S. military.

Caitlyn Jenner: I'm 'Blown Away' by John Oliver's Take on Trans Rights

Caitlyn Jenner 'Blown Away' By This TV Show

The trans reality star also recently asked trans communities in a blog post, 'Am I doing this right?'

Ky Peterson on Surviving Alleged Prison Abuse, Overdose: I Won't Stay Silent

Surviving Suicide Attempt, Ky Peterson Won't Stay Silent

The black trans man tells The Advocate how alleged neglect and mistreatment by Georgia prison staff led to him nearly dying while held in isolation.

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