Top 5 Gay Halloween Destinations

Halloween hurtles onto the horizon once more, another fabulous opportunity to capsize conformity. This deliciously decadent holiday has a reputation for uninhibited mayhem and wild, sensual fun. It's an invigorating opportunity to escape daily drudgery, whether you want to be yourself or someone else.



Halloween 24
New Orleans, La. Oct. 25-28, 2007

KNOW: The 24th
Halloween is a series of events benefiting Lazarus House,
a home for men and women with HIV/AIDS whose families cannot
take care of them.

WHERE: Head for
the Bourbon Pub and Parade club. Bodies fill the venue
and spill onto Bourbon Street from midday Thursday till the
early hours of Monday.

DRESS: For the
circuit party, originality is key -- it's about how
creative you can get. Costumes are always over-the-top, from
a 7-foot tall drag queen dressed as the Chiquita
banana girl to an airport tower complete with lights.

costume-obligatory Wild Kingdom Costume Dance Extravaganza
(Oct. 27, 2007, The Sugar Mill, 10 p.m.-4 a.m.; $75) is the
major event and the main reason to sashay down South
this October. Don't even think about skipping the

PSST: This year's
theme is "Wild Kingdom" -- so get in character and
parade through the French Quarter to bask in attention
before wading into the party's masses.

Fantasy Fest and Halloween
Key West, Fla. Oct. 19-28, 2007; 305-296-1817

KNOW: A little
bit of Mardi Gras, a little bit of Halloween and a lot of
fun with Florida's finest.

WHERE: The bars
and restaurants around Duval Street, between Eaton and
South streets, see most fantasy action take place.

cacophony of opportunities to flaunt flamboyance occur from
the Fantasy Street Fair to Captain Morgan's Parade.

miss the parade of furred and feathered fashionistas at
the Pets Masquerade Parade (Oct. 22; 1500 Reynolds St.) or
the Masquerade March when a cavalcade of costumed
characters career from Key West Cemetery through Old

PSST: Unless
you're bringing an entourage to carry your copious costume
options, check party and parade themes before you go --
they're wild and wildly varied.

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