A Desert Journey

The Mii Amo spa in Sedona, Ariz., is famous for packages designed to lead people through a spiritual as well as physical transformation. One writer relinquishes herself to the journey and recounts her days in one of the world's most beautiful destination resorts.



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Hiked the red
rocks off campus in the morning, the first time I took my
camera out of its case. Followed the excursion with a vortex
walk, which tried to put a little science in the
theory of concentrated energy bodies. I mostly watched
the wind rustle the leaves on the trees. It’s
beautiful here. A light lunch and on to Reiki, which I slept
through. It’s pretty subtle stuff anyway. Then
Harmony, the signature treatment at Mii Amo. If Watsu
was life-changing, this ought to be downright

She gives me my
aura color: coral, meaning power, leadership, passion,
protection. Then it begins. This isn’t just body
work. “Life is not your enemy,” she
says. “You are life. You look at a river and think,
I’ll build a canal and show the river where it
should go,
or I’ll build a dam and
stop its flow altogether.
Instead of just
watching. What’s going on there?” I begin
to tell her -- a perfect stranger -- about my childhood and
my fears and my hopes. And she tells me what she sees;
she reads my aura and the energy radiating from my
chakras. This definitely isn’t your average
hot-stone massage -- it’s intuitive therapy. Once the
tears begin, they don’t stop for the remainder
of the 90-minute session. On the way out, my eyes
puffy and nose red, she hands me a piece of paper with
books and CDs I may find interesting when I’m
ready for them. “Go let yourself be
sad,” she says. I walk back to my room and get into
bed. How could this journey have taken such a wrong

I get up
determined to shake this feeling with a walk along Boynton
Trail. When I return I see Amy, eyes puffy. I think I know
where she’s been.


Nothing soothes a
wounded heart quite like a featherbed. I wake up with a
feeling of gratitude. It’s true I hadn’t
anticipated tears on this trip. But now, after a quiet
night of sleep in the high desert, that seems naive.
How could I have said goodbye to an old me without them? I
have been on the best kind of journey -- one that
forces you to reexamine what you think, challenges
what you feel, and leaves you forever changed -- while
being nurtured along the way.

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