A Gay Ski Week With a Kiwi Twist

The organizers of the upcoming Gay Ski Week New Zealand (Aug. 29-Sept. 6) roll out the kiwi carpet to skiers and non-skiers around the world, starting with Advocate.com's own Dennis Hensley.




What's the town itself like during Ski Week? Is there snow on the ground?Sanford: Usually the snow is just up in the mountains, so you can zip around enjoying the town in just a jacket and a scarf. And it's a very gay-friendly place. With a name like Queenstown and street names like Man, Camp, and Shotover, come on!

Given the state of the U.S. economy, I was surprised by the excellent exchange rate I got coming here.Sanford: Gay Ski Week NZ is probably more affordable than ever. You're saving about 30% to 40%.

OK, you've sold me! Now say some gays from North America come down but they don't know anyone -- will you guys make sure they're not lonely?Sanford: Oh yeah, we'll look after them. Lawson: We certainly will. [ Laughs ] Us Aussies and Kiwis, we love to look after the Americans!

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Watch the YouTube video of Dennis's interview with Mike and Craig.

How to Get There The Aussie-based airline Qantas offers direct service to New Zealand from New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Honolulu. I flew from L.A. in business class and the 12.5 hours felt like two thanks to Qantas's award-winning Skybed, 18 video channels, and tasty, healthy food options. A favorite memory: road-testing the built-in back massager in my comfy cotton Qantas PJs while watching Milk for the third time and sipping bottomless Diet Coke. I was a big, weepy, gay, deliriously happy mess.

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