Portland Sees Green

Business travelers fall for the City of Roses' quirky charms.



Meal Plan

Portland's locavore (locally grown) dining scene -- and dedication to everything fair trade, organic, and environmentally conscious -- might be viewed by some as overly earnest if the food didn't taste so good and come at such appealing prices. The city is truly one of the most appetizing foodie destinations in the country.

Flavors are outstanding at Bamboo Sushi (310 S.E. 28th Ave.; 503-232-5255; BambooSushiPDX.com ), the first restaurant certified "sustainable" by the Marine Stewardship Council for its use of only healthy, plentiful, ethically caught fish. If you want to spice things up after a day of papers and presentations, sample seasonal and farm-fresh takes on Indian classics at superchic Vindalho (2083 S.E. Clinton St.; 503-467-4550; Vindalho.com ). Renowned lesbian mixologist Lucy Brennan's restaurant and bar combo, Mint and 820 (816 N. Russell St.; 503-284-5518; Mintand820.com ), is the perfect place for a creative after-work cocktail and excellent fusion fare that merges Asian, Caribbean, and European influences. Brennan's use of inventive ingredients and unusual takes on classic and modern drinks have won her acclaim from local and national publications.

For a truly distinctive local eating experience, head to Voodoo Doughnut (22 S.W. Third Ave.; 503-241-4704; VoodooDoughnut.com ) for its famous signature voodoo doll-shaped doughnut, complete with stake and tasty dribble of jam blood. If meetings run late, you can still stock up on carbs here: Voodoo's downtown location is open 24 hours.


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