Presenting Tom Judson's Canned Ham Tour

Join composer-turned-Broadway performer-turned-porn star-turned-real estate flipper Tom Judson as he travels the country to perform his one man show, Canned Ham.

BY Tom Judson

August 19 2009 11:00 PM ET


Lost in Translation

Troy, N.Y.

"Hi, do you mind if I take a picture of my camper in front of your great sign?"

"You like the sign, huh? Did you know 'roxy' is European for 'porno'?"

"Uh, no, I 'European'?"

"Yeah, these three couples came in from Brussels, Belgium, and asked to take a picture in front of the sign. They said it means 'porno' where they come from."

"Actually, I don't think -- "

"Yeah, so these Belgium people, they go out front there and the women stand in front of the sign and just pull up their shirts. Their boobs was hanging right out and everything. I go out and says, 'The cops are gonna come if you don't watch it.' I didn't make the girls pull down their shirts, though. I tell ya, people are nuts."

"Uh, I'm just gonna go snap a picture."

"Nuts, I tell ya! Don't forget: porno!"

Nope, I won't forget.

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