Flirting With Israel



Getting There
El Al airlines flies direct to Tel Aviv from Los Angeles, New York, and other U.S. cities.

In Tel Aviv: Alexander Suites Hotel ( features sleek design and a gorgeous rooftop restaurant. In Jerusalem: Dan Boutique Hotel ( is stylishly appointed.

Exchange Rate
$1 = 3.86 shekels (NIS).

Regional Delicacy
Wines, fresh fruits, and the pan-Mediterranean mix of hummus, falafel, pita, and baba ghanoush.

Useful Phrase
Try Shalom hamudie (“Hello, cutie”) and you’ll get a smile—at least—from a local

Gay Hangout is the popular hookup site, but you don’t have to make dates online; it also features current listings of gay bars, clubs, and parties.

Don’t Miss This
The incredible archaeological sites in Acre, Masada, Banias, and Caesarea.

Ultimate People-Watching Spot
The cafés in cities overflow with people reconnecting with friends, especially on Fridays.

Best Place to Splurge

Shop for original works of art in Tel Aviv’s fashionable Neve Tzedek neighborhood.

Easiest Way to Land in Jail
By refusing to answer security questions. They really don’t care if you’re gay. They just want to know you’re happy to see them—and that it’s not a pipe bomb in your pants.

You Might Not Know
The workweek is Sunday through Thursday. Plan ahead because many businesses shut down for Shabbat, from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

Help Getting Around
Lucas Entertainment will be running its second tour through Israel in May 2011, hosted by porn star Michael Lucas. Details at 

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