2014's Gayest Cities in America

The most LGBT-friendly places in America, according to our ever-rotating criteria, are some of what you expect, and a lot of what you don’t.



13. Orlando, Fla.  (pop. 249,562)  
Let’s make an Orlando LGBT list: Gay Days at Disney World bring in 150,000 LGBT folks and their pals all dressed in red T-shirts (along with $100 million a year); The Orlando International Fringe Festival (OrlandoFringe.org) is super gay — it produced Bitches of the Kingdom; there are domestic partnership protections and a growing live music scene; and then there’s the Parliament House, an all-in-one gay bar, club, and hotel complex (ParliamentHouse.com) with seven bars on 10 acres catering to almost any experience, be it sporty, campy, grungy, or glam.

Above: Pulse nightclub