2014's Gayest Cities in America

The most LGBT-friendly places in America, according to our ever-rotating criteria, are some of what you expect, and a lot of what you don’t.



8. Salt Lake City, Utah (pop. 189,314)
While some jaws dropped when this city was named No. 1 a couple of years ago, SLC’s queer citizens knew we were on to something. There are plenty of sporty gay and lesbian ski bunnies, more than half a dozen bars and clubs — including Club Try-Angles (ClubTry-Angles.com) and the enduring ladies’ spot Paper Moon (ThePaperMoonClub.com) — and a popular annual Gay Pride celebration that last year drew some family members of Mormon LGBTs marching in support of their kids, siblings, and parents. Utah’s capital does not have a Mormon majority, unlike the rest of the state, and increased scrutiny of the church following its support of the antigay Prop 8 is forcing some overtures toward queer acceptance.

Above: Courtesy Utah Pride Festival