Top 20 Gay Travel Destinations of 2013

Pack your bags and grab your passport to get out of town in 2013.



As Roman sage Seneca once said, "Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind." According to the LGBT market specialist Out Now, our minds must full of vigor. After reportedly conducting the largest ever research study on LGBT travelers, the group reports that we will spend approximately $165 billion on travel in 2012 and even more next year. Furthermore, LGBT dollars are going to some traditionally beloved cities like San Francisco and Miami as well as less typical destinations such as Cape Town and Tokyo.

The following are the top 20 most coveted travel cities among LGBT tourists, according to the Out Now survey.

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20. Miami (Related: Out Traveler Guide to Miami  | 12th Street Beach is listed as one of the world's best gay beaches  | Tale of Two Cities: Miami versus Ft. Lauderdale)

19. Cape Town (Related: Sizing Up South Africa | Clifton Third is listed as one of the world's best gay beaches)

18. Rome (Related: Three Gay Days in Rome)

17. Mexico City (Related: An Introduction to Gay Mexico City  | Road Trip: Mexico City)

16. Berlin (Related: Out Traveler Guide to Berlin  | Global Gayborhoods: Berlin)

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