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Peace Corps Recognizes, Respects Same-Sex Couples
May 22 2013 5:07 PM ET

Peace Corps Recognizes, Respects Same-Sex Couples

Katie Peoples

In a historic policy shift, the government-funded volunteer service organization will now consider committed same-sex couples married, offering joint placements, a benefit previously only available to opposite-sex spouses.

May 22 2013 8:27 AM ET

Top 10 Ways to Score and Upgrade on Your Next Flight

A survey of 700 flight attendants from 83 countries reveals who is most likely to get a golden ticket to the front of the plane.

May 22 2013 7:59 AM ET

A Perfect Day in Rio

Designer Alejando Ingelmo's choice spots in one of his go-to destinations.

May 21 2013 2:31 PM ET

Peace Corps Opens to Same-Sex Couples

The Peace Corps announced today that it would start accepting applications from same-sex couples who want to volunteer together.

May 21 2013 12:30 PM ET

Gay Bashing? There's an App for That!

App designed in Belgium to fight antigay hate crimes is now fighting homophobia across Europe.

May 21 2013 8:43 AM ET

A Handy, Color-Coded Map to Gay Europe

Pink, in this case, is less-than ideal.

May 10 2013 8:09 PM ET

One Million Moms Targets 'Gay Days' at Disney World

The antigay group urges its members to contact the theme park and demand that it "maintain a family-friendly atmosphere."

May 08 2013 8:40 AM ET

Harvey Milk Air Terminal?

After first proposing to name the airport after Harvey Milk, San Francisco officials now suggest they may name only a terminal after the slain civil rights leader.

May 06 2013 7:09 PM ET

36 Couples Exchange Vows at Las Vegas Pop-Up Wedding Chapel

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hosts a marriage-equality event in support of the city's gay center.

May 06 2013 2:53 PM ET

5 Ways to Catch Your Flight Attendant's Eye

Here are the right and wrong ways to get your flight attendant's attention.

May 06 2013 1:30 PM ET

Bikinis and Booze are OK in Egypt

Not wanting to get confused with Saudi Arabia or the UAE, Egypt announces it's OK with people drinking cocktails while wearing a skimpy swimsuit.

May 06 2013 10:46 AM ET

Report: Gay-Friendly Gets the Gay Traveler

LGBT travelers consider a gay-friendly reputation the third most important factor when selecting a hotel.

May 06 2013 8:57 AM ET

Giant Duck Hits Hong Kong

The 54-foot-tall duck will be floating in Hong Kong harbor until June 9.