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United Kingdom

In a letter posted on Pitchfork, Antony Hegarty said she just couldn't bring herself to get on the plane to Los Angeles after the awards show cut her performance.

February 26 2016 9:22 AM

Conservative MP Crispin Blunt vehemently opposes a ban on alkyl nitrates, popular with gay men like himself.

January 21 2016 3:49 PM

James Bond fans will recognize the headquarters of the British secret service, which was named employer of the year by the U.K.'s leading LGBT nonprofit.

January 19 2016 4:07 PM

Drag performer Barry Humphries lobbed a series of insults at Caitlyn Jenner and other transgender women in a recent interview.

January 06 2016 8:35 AM Updated

The first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station took a 'long, long time' to thank Elton John for his good wishes, then paid tribute to the singer as he explained why.

December 17 2015 9:05 PM

Actually, Jeremy Davies has been barred in one diocese but not another, underscoring the Church of England's mixed messages on same-sex marriage and other LGBT issues.

December 13 2015 4:23 PM