Teen Killed at Jerusalem Pride Remembered as Believer in Equality and Tolerance

Killed Jerusalem Teen Wanted Equality for All

Shira Banki joined in the parade to 'support her friends and everyone else's right to live as they please,' her parents said.

Living Trans, From Iran to New York City

Living Trans, From Iran to New York City

Up-and-coming actress Pooya Mohseni tells The Advocate what it took to come out as trans at 37, offering a riveting tale of survival that took her from Iran to New York City.

Op-ed: Bridging the Gap Between Gay Pride and Black Lives

Op-ed: Bridging the Gap Between Gay Pride and Black Lives

This black lesbian argues that true dedication to listening — even when uncomfortable — can help make LGBT people more aware of their racial bias.

These Are the Trans Women Killed So Far in the U.S. in 2015

These Are the Trans Women Killed So Far in 2015

This year has already demonstrated why activists continue to decry an 'epidemic' of fatal violence directed at transgender women.

Op-ed: Trans Men Experience Far More Violence Than Most People Assume

Op-ed: Yes, Trans Men Experience Real Violence

Boys Do Cry: When we expand violence data beyond hate crimes, it's clear that trans men are targeted at comparable rates to trans women.

Freed From Iowa Jail, Black Trans Woman Meagan Taylor Speaks

Free at Last: Meagan Taylor Speaks

The black trans woman tells The Advocate about facing transphobia daily, her battle ahead, and the unusual part a county jail played in working toward justice.

New York Gay Bar Accused of Discriminating Against Trans Woman Over Bathroom Use

N.Y. Gay Bar Accused of Transphobia After Ejecting Trans Woman

Billie Matthews says it was particularly disheartening to face alleged bias in an LGBT space, and was joined Monday by protesters calling for a boycott.

Op-ed: When Homeless Trans Men Face Violence, There Are No Places to Turn

When Homeless Trans Men Facing Violence Have Nowhere to Turn

Boys Do Cry: Shelter, foster care, mental health, and legal systems keep letting men like me fall through the cracks.

Black Trans Woman 'Profiled' as Sex Worker Gains Online Following, But May Remain Jailed

#FreeMeaganTaylor Movement Grows for Jailed Trans Woman

As the #FreeMeaganTaylor movement takes off, activists say the prison system has thrown up roadblocks in bailing the 22-year-old out of a segregated Iowa jail cell.

Minister Raises $2,000 Bail for Black Woman 'Arrested While Trans'

Bail Money Raised for Black Woman 'Arrested While Trans'

A minister with Midwestern roots hopes to raise even more money for Meagan Taylor, to pay an outstanding fine.

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