Aug Sept 2016
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Italian Mayor Wants to Ban Gay Kissing in Public

Italian Mayor Wants to Ban Gay Kissing in Public

An Italian mayor believes that public displays of affection between same-sex couples are "morally harmful," and should therefore be banned, reports Italian newspaper, La Repubblica. But those familiar with the politician said the comments are nothing more than a cry for attention.

Mayor Gianluca Buonanno of Borgosesia is quoted as saying that same-sex couples kissing in public is especially harmful to children, according to a translation by Huffington Post.

"Kissing in public between homosexuals? No thanks," Buonanno told La Repubblica. "I don't like two people of the same sex making public displays of affection. It's a question of respect. And I'm convinced that it's also morally harmful for children."

The Huffington Post notes that Buonanno has a history of garnering media coverage about his alleged penchant for "inane stunts." HuffPost cites a PinkNews report about the mayor's hanging of a portrait of homophobic Russian President Vladimir Putin in his office, and a story reported by The Local-Italy about a fish-waving episode in Parliament — which led to Buonanno's expulsion — as cases-in-point.

Daniele Viotti, a pro-LGBT equality member of the European Parliament, said Borgosesia's mayor and his new decree amount to a "…pathetic publicity stunt by a narrow-minded man who desperately wants to be in the spotlight."

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