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Op-ed: Why This Is the Year for Marriage in Australia

Op-ed: Why This Is the Year for Marriage in Australia

The nation has struggled with marriage equality for over a decade, but thanks to pro-LGBT campaigns and a little push from a faraway friend, change is coming.

Antigay Bakery will Appeal Discrimination Ruling

Antigay Belfast Bakery Vows Fight to Discriminate

After "much careful prayer and consideration," a family that owns a chain of bakeries decides to fight for the "right" to discriminate against gays.

Bisexual Jamaican Deportation Flight Canceled Pending Another Appeal

More British Red Tape for Jamaican Bisexual 

Another hurdle in Orashia Edwards' lengthy court battle gives the Jamaican national more time to prove his case: that as a bisexual he deserves asylum.

Benjy 'The Gay Bull' Is Actually Bisexual

Introducing Benjy, The Bisexual Bull (Without Balls)

It's no bull: the U.K.'s infamous gay bull isn't so gay after all! He likes both bulls and cows.

A First for India: A Transgender Principal

This Woman Is India's First Transgender Principal

Last time Manbi Bandopadhyay visited Krishnagar Women's College in West Bengal, she toured the school with her adopted son and a transgender friend. When she returns, she will run the college.

Greenland Parliament Unanimously Green-Lights Marriage Equality

Greenland Green-Lights Marriage Equality

The world's largest island is the newest home of the freedom to marry, following a unanimous vote by the arctic nation's parliament.

Where in the World Are The Happiest Gay Men?

Where in the World Are the Happiest Gay Men?

Go north, boys! A global survey of gay men suggests you'll find the happiest gay men on earth... in Iceland.

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