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Op-ed: If Change Can Come to LGBT America, It Can Happen in the Middle East

Op-ed: If Change Can Come Here, It Can Happen in Middle East

The experiences of a gay man in Bahrain demonstrate that things are difficult but not hopeless for LGBT people in homophobic nations.

ICE: Transgender Immigrants to Be Detained According to Gender Identity

New Immigration Guidelines Are Not Enough, Say Activists

A new memorandum from Immigration and Customs Enforcement indicates the agency will house transgender women in women's detention facilities.

CNN Mistakes Dildo-Decorated London Pride Parade Flag for ISIS Flag
July 21 2015 9:49 PM ET

That Time CNN Thought Dildos Were Arabic Letters

This flag, intended to resemble the ISIS militancy banner, featured dildos and butt plugs, and CNN didn't notice the difference. Really.

Op-ed: The Marriage Ruling Sends a Clear Message to the World

Op-ed: The Marriage Ruling Is Message to the World

The global community was paying attention to our Supreme Court on Friday. This Australian believes the ruling should pressure the world, including his resistant home country, to embrace LGBT rights.

Turkish Police Turn Water Cannons, Spray Tear Gas And Shoot Rubber Pellets At Pride Revelers
June 28 2015 10:36 PM ET

WATCH: Istanbul Pride Revelers Attacked By Police

Police in the Turkish city turned water cannons at people celebrating Pride, and fired tear gas and rubber bullets at them.

Celebrations of Marriage Equality Around the World
June 27 2015 1:32 PM ET

Celebrations of Marriage Equality Around the World

The landmark ruling that made same sex marriage legal in the United States was cheered around the planet.

Univision Pulls Out of Miss USA Pageant Following Donald Trump's Anti-Immigrant Rant

Univision Tells Trump 'No Mas' After Rant

NBC has also distanced itself from Trump, who made slurs against Mexicans part of his bid for the Republican party nomination for president.

'Cisgender' Added to Oxford English Dictionary

'Cisgender' Added to Oxford English Dictionary

The term, which signifies the opposite of 'transgender,' is a crucial addition to the English language, say trans advocates.

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