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Two Arrested for Beating Gay Man Singing 'Wicked' Tunes on Tram

Arrests Made in Wicked Gay Bashing

Jean Claude Manseau and Jake Heaton were victims of a homophobic attack in England because someone didn't like the idea of gay men singing show tunes.

Latvian Lawmaker Tweets 'Thank God' Nazis Shot Gays

Latvian Lawmaker Tweets 'Thank God' Nazis Shot Gays

Inga Priede, a member of Latvia's parliament and former Unity Party leader, thinks the Nazis had a great demographics-improvement program that included killing homosexuals.

U.S. Trans Activist Deported From Australia as Reality Show Tries to Film

Australian TV Tries to Film Trans Activist's Deportation

The saga continues for Monica Jones, who is now fighting alleged 'procedural misconduct' by Australian immigration officials who she claims alerted a reality TV show that she would be deported.

Gay Mayor's Election Marks Poland's Steady Stride Toward Acceptance

Poland Elects First Out Mayor

Polish voters proved they're more interested in growing their economy than clinging to homophobia when they elected an out gay lawmaker mayor.

E.U. Court Rules Against 'Gay Tests' for Asylum Seekers

E.U. Court Rules Against 'Gay Tests' for Asylum Seekers

E.U. member nations may no longer require sexuality "tests" for asylum seekers claiming that they are LGBT and face persecution at home.

PHOTOS: World AIDS Day 2014

PHOTOS: World AIDS Day 2014

On December 1, 2014, the world mourns, unites, and creates new hope for the end of AIDS.

Reports: ISIS Executes Two Gay Men In First Antigay Attacks

Reports: ISIS Executes Two Gay Men

Reports out of Syria show that members of ISIS have killed two men who opposed the extremist group, alleging they were executed because they were gay.

WATCH: Lesbian's Muslim Dad is Inspiring Example of Love, Acceptance

WATCH: Muslim Dad Shows Example of Love, Acceptance

A new video challenges the idea that Islam and tolerance are incompatible. It's the latest in a string of recent international headlines about Muslim acceptance of LGBT people.

167 Indian Trans Women 'Arbitrarily' Jailed, Protestors Demand Justice

167 Indian Trans Women 'Arbitrarily' Jailed

The day after Bangalore's pride parade, 167 hijra were detained under an anti-begging law in a move advocates consider a targeted assault against the women's gender identities.

Marriage Equality Comes to Finland
November 28 2014 3:22 PM ET

Marriage Equality Comes to Finland

In a vote of 105 — 92, Finland’s parliament granted equal marriage rights to same-sex couples Friday.

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