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Irish Trans Woman Settles Decades-Long Gender Recognition Battle
November 03 2014 4:38 PM ET

Irish Trans Woman's Gender Recognition Battle Finally Ends

Mitch Kellaway

Dr. Lydia Foy received a game-changing settlement from the Irish government after the High Court found that her human rights have been violated for over 20 years.

WATCH: Sodomy Charges Dismissed as Activists Say Ugandans Not Really Homophobic
November 02 2014 5:06 PM ET

WATCH: Activists Say Ugandans Aren't Truly Homophobic

Thom Senzee

Two Ugandan LGBT rights advocates, one whose criminal charges for sodomy were just dismissed, say their fellow Ugandans can become more accepting.

Egypt: Men in ‘Gay Wedding’ Video Will Spend 3 Years in Prison
November 01 2014 2:18 PM ET

Egypt: Men in ‘Gay Wedding’ Will Spend 3 Years in Prison

Sunnivie Brydum

The men, who previously ‘tested negative’ for homosexuality, have been sentenced to three years in jail for ‘spreading indecent images and inciting debauchery.’

Indian Woman Uses Spycam to Have Husband Arrested for Gay Sex
October 31 2014 5:52 PM ET

Indian Woman's Spying Gets Husband Arrested for Gay Sex

Thom Senzee

A 32-year-old Indian man was arrested for homosexuality, despite judicial assurances that reinstatement of a Colonial-era antigay law wouldn't cause arrests.

WATCH: Is Canadian Transgender Surgical Care Really Accessible?
October 31 2014 1:59 PM ET

WATCH: Is Canadian Gender-Affirming Surgery Really Accessible?

Mitch Kellaway

Trans residents of British Columbia are rallying this weekend to draw attention to their province's years-long wait lists for state-covered gender-affirming surgeries.

WATCH: Meet the Gay Couple Who Challenged Singapore's Sodomy Ban
October 31 2014 3:00 AM ET

Meet the Couple Who Challenged Singapore's Sodomy Ban

Thom Senzee

In a prosperous, West-leaning land of contradictions and paradoxes, Singapore's Supreme Court just let an archaic antigay sodomy law stand.

Russian Pol Calls for Lifetime Ban on Tim Cook
October 30 2014 1:02 PM ET

Russian Pol Calls for Lifetime Ban on Tim Cook

Daniel Reynolds

The writer of the original 'gay propaganda' law says the newly out CEO could present a health threat to Russia.

Three LGBT Activists Survive Harrowing Experience in Russia
October 28 2014 3:32 PM ET

This Is How Terrifying Being an LGBT Russian Has Become

Thom Senzee

A trio of young Russians took to the streets to show their support for LGBT equality this weekend. They were met by 100 violent homophobes.

Australian Tabloid Apologizes for Sensationalizing Trans Woman's Murder
October 27 2014 5:44 PM ET

Aussie Tabloid Finally Apologizes for Dehumanizing Trans Coverage

Mitch Kellaway

Australia's The Courier Mail came under fire for its transphobic approach to covering Mayang Prasetyo's murder. Three weeks later, the newspaper finally has a response.

PHOTOS: Taiwan Pride 2014 Is All About Marriage Equality
October 27 2014 4:27 PM ET

PHOTOS: Taiwan Pride Is All About Marriage Equality

Thom Senzee

Tens of thousands of people marched in Taipei at Asia's largest Pride Parade to urge support for a controversial bill on same-sex marriage currently awaiting debate in Taiwan's parliament.

PHOTOS: U.S. Marine Now in Filipino Custody After Protests Over Trans Woman's Murder
October 25 2014 5:05 AM ET

PHOTOS: U.S. Marine in Filipino Custody After Protests Over Trans Woman's Murder

Thom Senzee

After weeks of protests, the U.S. Marine charged with murdering Filipina trans woman Jennifer Laude is now being held on Philippine soil, while still being guarded by Americans.

WATCH: Young and Gay in Belgrade Focuses on LGBT Serbian Bravery Amid Bigotry
October 23 2014 6:26 PM ET

WATCH: Discover Serbian LGBT Bravery Amid Antigay Bigotry

Thom Senzee

They're massively outnumbered by homophobic haters, but they are resilient. Meet Belgrade's courageous LGBT activists and allies in a moving new documentary from Vice News.