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Read the latest updates about LGBT issues around the world. The Advocate is an international source for developments pertaining to gay world news, politics, Prides, politicians, and rights that affect the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Learn about antigay laws, human rights violations, landmark victories, and failures of governments to protect the rights of its citizens. From Asia, to North America, to South America, to Europe, to Africa, The Advocate provides transcontinental coverage of the issues that matter to our readers.

The bad news continues for homophobic reggae artist Buju Banton, whose
latest scheduled U.S. performance was recently canceled in Minneapolis.

The October 4 show at the First Avenue theater was still listed on an online calendar as of Tuesday, but after the Minnesota Independent called the venue about the controversial Jamaican singer's concert
date, the listing was taken down and the show was reportedly canceled.

September 10 2009 2:35 PM

When two 11-year-old boys died by suicide in April of this year after enduring relentless antigay bullying at their separate schools, shocked citizens across the country were forced to come to terms with an uncomfortable but blatant epidemic. The hallways of schools, homes, churches, and other places where all young people should be able to safely learn and grow are plagued with its tragic prevalence. Youths who identify as or are perceived to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide at a disproportionately high rate as a result of the increased risk factors sexual minorities face.

A new study released in August by the UCLA School of Public Health found that LGBT people are twice as likely as heterosexual men and women to seek help from mental health professionals. This recently revealed conclusion perfectly illustrates the already often-noted statistic determined by a Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey published in 2007: LGBTQ youths are up to four times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers -- a fact we’re all too familiar with at the Trevor Project. Perhaps more off-putting than this distressing statistic is that only 14 states even bother to collect sexual orientation data in their Youth Risk Behavior Surveys. The remaining 72% of states ignore the opportunity to obtain vital information about a subculture of young people who are already all too often left without the support networks and resources they desperately need. As disheartening stories such as Carl Walker-Hoover’s and Jaheem Herrera’s (the two 11-year-old boys) surface more frequently, the harsh realities force us to address the preventable nature of these tragedies.

September 10 2009 1:55 PM

Ten members of an order of nuns affiliated with the Episcopal Church have left that denomination over its acceptance of gays and joined the Roman Catholic Church.

September 10 2009 1:30 PM

Lawmakers in Uruguay voted to extend adoption rights to gay couples on Wednesday, making the country the first in Latin America to approve adoption by same-sex couples.

The measure, which also would give adoption rights to unmarried couples, now heads to President Tabaré Vázquez for his signature, according to Reuters.

September 10 2009 1:25 PM


September 10 2009 1:00 PM

 Gay Latino Americans: CNN calls Perez Hilton (pictured) a “pioneer” among gay Latinos, a demographic that is coming of age, according to the news outlet.

“My crime was inappropriate storytelling”:
California state representative Mike Duvall,

September 10 2009 1:00 PM

The reports and rumors are flying around the second Sex and the City movie, including some very gay script leaks.

September 10 2009 12:40 PM