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Mass. Catholic bishops turn backs on children

Catholic Church shutters adoption agency to spite gays

Determined not to treat gay parents equally, as state law demands, Boston's Catholic Charities is shutting down its adoption agency.

Young gay activists arrested at Falwell's university

Equality Riders handcuffed in Falwell's hometown

More than 20 mostly college-age Soulforce activists, including Jacob Reitan (pictured), were arrested for trespassing Friday at Liberty University.

Delaware court: Nonbiological mom can share custody

News 2006-03-11 Delaware court: Nonbiological mom can share custody A lesbian who paid child support for three children born to her former partner is entitled to share custody of the children,

Conservative rabbis delay decision on accepting gays

News 2006-03-10 Conservative rabbis delay decision on accepting gays After considering whether to lift a ban on gay rabbis and same-sex unions, a Conservative Judaism legal committee agreed on

California high court rules against Boy Scouts in Berkeley case

California high court rules against Boy Scouts in Berkeley case

The California supreme court ruled Thursday that the city of Berkeley did not violate the rights of youth sailors connected to the Boy Scouts of America when it demanded marina fees because the group discriminates against gays.

Soldiers arraigned in gay sex scandal

The Army has arraigned two of the three paratroopers charged with having sex for money on a gay porn Web site.

Republicans try to kill hate-crimes legislation

Committee chairman takes advantage of "suspension of the rules" procedure.

Above all awful

Above all, awful

Asia Argento’s adaptation of JT LeRoy’s The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things was already a wallow in the muck; now that we know LeRoy’s a phony, the movie is flat-out reprehensible

And then there were 12

And then there were 12

Week 3 of Advocate contributor Dave White’s American Idol recap: Paris wrestles with “Conga,” Mandisa’s gay-pride-float future, Bucky Covington’s evil twin, and the return of Bo Bice

Antigay church agrees to obey laws restricting funeral protests

Antigay church agrees to obey laws restricting funeral protests

The Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan.—which, under the leadership of its notoriously antigay pastor, Fred Phelps (pictured), spreads a message of hate by picketing at soldiers' funerals—has agreed to obey new state laws that have been passed to limit where and when such demonstrations take place, a church attorney said Wednesday.

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