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10 Chinese Couples to Say 'We Do' in Los Angeles

10 Chinese Couples Will Say 'We Do' in L.A. 

Ten LGBT couples from China are on their way to Los Angeles to legally marry their same-sex partner.

Conservative British MP Comes Out, Announces Wedding to Secret Partner of 29 Years

Conservative British MP to Marry Secret Partner

A member of the British parliament kept his sexuality and his relationship with another man secret for 29 years.

WATCH: Pride at U.S. State Department Affirms LGBT Human Rights

WATCH: U.S. State Dept. Affirms LGBT Human Rights

The U.S. Department of State launched Capital Pride weekend with an earnest conversation with global LGBT activists who are fighting for equality in Turkey and Uganda.

Ugandan Lesbian Covers Time: 'We Are Here to Stay'

Ugandan Lesbian Covers Time: 'We Are Here to Stay'

A leading Ugandan activist fighting for LGBT rights takes a powerful stance on the cover of Time magazine’s Europe edition.

Meet the Ugandan Lesbian Fighting for LGBT Equality

What It's Like Growing Up Lesbian in Uganda

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera is one of Uganda's most prominent LGBT activists. In this excerpt from a 2013 Advocate photo-essay, she reflects on her experience as an out lesbian in her homeland.

Trans Win Right to Self-Identify in Ireland

Being Trans in Ireland Just Got Easier

The Irish are on a roll when it comes to LGBT rights, now recognizing the right for transgender citizens to self-identify on government ID.

Op-ed: The Real Gay Heroes Are Those Fighting For a Better Life

Op-ed: The Real Gay Heroes Are Those Fighting For a Better Life

A young woman helping LGBT people escape homophobic and transphobic countries says her idols are those she helps rescue.

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