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Ecuadorian President Defends Civil Union Rights
August 28 2014 2:56 PM ET

Ecuadorian President: Respect Civil Unions or Get Fired

Thom Senzee

Same-sex and opposite-sex couples in Ecuador will have equal access to legal relationship recognition in the form of civil unions beginning September 15.

Italy: Restaurant Fires Server for Printing Antigay Slur on Check
August 27 2014 12:55 PM ET

Italian Waiter Fired for Antigay Slur on Receipt

Thom Senzee

A group of four gay men in Italy got more than a bill when the check for their meals arrived — reports say the waiter actually printed a warning that the table contained 'faggots' on the receipt.

Ugandan Activists Doubt Claims of Death by Stoning
August 26 2014 2:52 PM ET

Were LGBT Ugandans Really Stoned to Death? 

Thom Senzee

Mainline LGBT activists doubt the claims and worry that false reports will provide ammunition for homophobic forces looking to rally others against LGBT Ugandans. 

Athens: Gay Couple Beaten by Homophobic Mob
August 25 2014 1:13 PM ET

Athens: Gay Couple Beaten by Homophobic Mob

Michelle Garcia

A man in Athens had to undergo surgery after he and his partner were beaten by a homophobic mob.

PHOTOS: Dublin Marches for Marriage Equality
August 25 2014 10:52 AM ET

PHOTOS: Dublin Marches for Marriage Equality

Organizers are hoping this year's march will mark the final time LGBT-supportive Irish citizens have to take to the street to advocate for marriage equality.

WATCH: 'Horrors' of Marriage Equality Hit Home In Irish Parody
August 24 2014 3:33 PM ET

WATCH: Irish Marriage Equality Will Bring 'Armagayddon'

Thom Senzee

An Irish LGBT group has taken the claims of antigay activists who think marriage equality will destroy society to their logical conclusion in a biting parody. 

Ahead of Next Year’s Expected Vote, Vast Majority of Irish Support Marriage Equality
August 24 2014 2:37 PM ET

Could Ireland Have Marriage Equality Next Year?

Thom Senzee

Ireland has come a long way toward LGBT equality, and could embrace marriage equality early next year, according to a new poll by the Sunday Times.

Surprise! Meet Russia's First Legally Married Brides
August 22 2014 5:48 PM ET

Surprise! Meet Russia's First Legally Married Brides

Thom Senzee

Because one bride identifies as androgyne, Russian authorities were forced to let the couple marry or recognize her nonbinary gender and forbid the marriage.

With Queen's Decree, Alan Turing Is Now Officially Pardoned
August 22 2014 2:06 PM ET

With Queen's Decree, Gay Hero Is Now Officially Pardoned

Thom Senzee

Following a lengthy process, Alan Turing, the scientist who broke the Nazi's Enigma code machine during World War II, was formally pardoned by the British monarch Tuesday.

Dominican Republic Bans Miley Cyrus for Promoting Lesbian Sex
August 22 2014 1:25 PM ET

Dominican Republic Bans Miley Cyrus Over Lesbian Sex

Jase Peeples

Miley Cyrus is twerking hard for the money, but the Dominican Republic government isn’t having it.

Top Filipino Singer-Actor Comes Out as a Transgender Man
August 20 2014 3:10 PM ET

Top Filipino Singer-Actor Comes Out as a Transgender Man

Mitch Kellaway

Aiza Seguerra recently became the most prominent out trans man in the Philippines.

WATCH: Step Into an Illegal Gay Wedding in Uganda
August 19 2014 5:01 PM ET

WATCH: Step Into an Illegal Gay Wedding in Uganda

Thom Senzee

Before Uganda's draconian antigay law was overturned earlier this month, a brave same-sex couple wed in a covert ceremony near Kampala.