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Israeli University Bans Pride Celebration

Israeli University Bans Pride Celebration

A university in Tel Aviv is under fire for canceling a Pride event and suggesting students should hold an event offering psychological counseling instead.

Op-ed: Dear Gay Ambassadors, Be Straight About Trade Deal

Op-ed: Dear Gay Ambassadors, Be Straight About Trade Deal

Activists Cleve Jones and Jerame Davis ask: Why are America's out ambassadors arguing in favor of giving special 'favored nation' status to virulently anti-LGBT countries, including one that stones gays to death?

Bangkok University Welcomes Trans Students with New Uniform Options

Bangkok University Welcomes Trans Students With New Uniform Options

Thailand, which legally recognizes a third gender, expresses trans acceptance in unique, culturally sensitive ways.

Patrick Stewart Eloquently Supports Equality... And Antigay Bakery

Patrick Stewart Clarifies Support of Antigay Irish Bakery

The actor and LGBT ally posted a detailed defense of his support for a Northern Ireland bakery that refused to make a cake celebrating marriage equality.

Straight Couple Vows to Divorce in Protest if Australia Wins Marriage Equality

Straight Couple: Gay Marriage May 'Force' Us To Divorce

'Marriage is not a human invention,' explained Nick Jensen, who said he would be 'forced' to divorce by marriage equality.

Salvadoran Trans Activist's Murder Stirs International Outcry
July 20 2015 5:28 PM ET

International Outrage Over Trans Activist's Murder

Salvadoran police are being urged to consider whether Francela Méndez Rodríguez was killed because of her LGBT rights work or her trans identity.

7 Same-Sex Chinese Couples Reveal Why They Will Marry in Los Angeles

Why These 7 Same-Sex Chinese Couples Will Wed in L.A.

The LGBT couples shared their hopes, fears, and dreams of marriage equality.

Out Ambassadors: Global Trade Agreement Will Lift Up LGBT Lives

Out Ambassadors: Global Trade Agreement Will Lift Up LGBT Lives

Eight of the nation's most powerful out leaders, including ambassadors and an envoy to the State Department, explain how proposed trade agreements will export our values of equality and tolerance.

10 Chinese Couples to Say 'We Do' in Los Angeles

10 Chinese Couples Will Say 'We Do' in L.A. 

Ten LGBT couples from China are on their way to Los Angeles to legally marry their same-sex partner.

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