Antigay Tennessee High School Will Have to Contend with Southern Poverty Law Center

An assistant principal refused to allow students to wear anything with a rainbow on it, saying the image implied sex.



Isabella Nuzzo
Isabella Nuzzo

The Hardin County school district in Tennessee will have to contend with the Southern Poverty Law Center after an assistant school principal prevented students from supporting gay rights.

The civil rights group sent a letter to the district to inform officials they violated the rights of students by demanding they not wear t-shirts with gay-supportive logos. The assistant principal went so far as to ban anything with rainbows, as the school official said it implied sex.

The same assistant principal also canceled a "Week of Pride" event.

"I and many other students were really upset with the school for shutting down free speech about a topic I feel strongly about," student Isabela Nuzzo said in a release. "I love my gay friends and life is hard enough without being judged for who you are or for believing in equality."

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