Red Sox It Gets Better
July 01 2011 2:45 PM ET

Red Sox: It Gets Better

Michelle Garcia

The 60-second message features Red Sox manager Terry Francona, team captain Jason Varitek, and third baseman Kevin Youkilis.

The Senate It Gets Better
June 29 2011 1:05 PM ET

The Senate: 'It Gets Better'


13 Democratic senators released their video in a morning press conference at the Capitol — a project led by Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware.

Cubs Deliver It Gets Better Message
June 20 2011 5:35 PM ET

Cubs Deliver “It Gets Better” Message Editors

The video features Cubs players Marlon Byrd, Darwin Barney, and Ryan Dempster, manager Mike Quade, coach Bob Dernier, and co-owner Laura Ricketts.

SF Giants It Gets Better
June 02 2011 11:15 AM ET

S.F. Giants: It Gets Better Editors

The video includes Giants players Matt Cain, Sergio Romo, Andres Torres, and Barry Zito joining Giants hitting coach Hensley "Bam Bam" Muelens.

SF Giants to Say It Gets Better
May 16 2011 6:05 PM ET

S.F. Giants to Say "It Gets Better" Editors

Staci Slaughter says the team had already been talking about recording a video before more than 6,500 people signed a petition urging the team to add their voices to the viral video campaign.

Glee Bully Max Adler It Gets Better
November 17 2010 1:45 PM ET

Bully Max Adler: It Gets Better Editors

Glee's closeted bully Max Adler has a message for gay teens: "It Gets Better."