WATCH: Teen Will Have You Cheering for His Two Moms

WATCH: Teen Will Have You Cheering for His Two Moms

The winner of an NPR storytelling competition will have you anxiously riding in a CRV with his moms.

Ryan Andresen Rejected as Eagle Scout Because He Is Gay

Final Word: Ryan Andresen Eagle Scout Application Rejected Because He's Gay

Andresen has received an official no from the BSA.

Eagle Scout Troop Accepts Application from Gay Teen

Gay Teen Allowed to Submit Eagle Scout Application

A San Francisco Boy Scout troop has approved an openly gay member's application to be an Eagle Scout after a fierce petition drive spearheaded by the boy's mother.

Time Warner Donates Learning Lab to Ali Forney Center

Ali Forney Center Gets Big Donation

Time Warner Cable rewards New York's Ali Forney Center with a $50,000 Learning Lab grant.

3 Big Differences: Boy Scouts Versus Girl Scouts

3 Big Differences: Boy Scouts Versus Girl Scouts

The differences between Girls Scouts and Boy Scouts run deep on LGBT acceptance.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Beat Bullies And Defended Gay Brother in High School

NFL Commissioner Beat Bullies, Defended Gay Brother in School

If it weren't for his brother Roger's protection, Michael Goodell says he was "the type who would have been beat up a lot."

WATCH NYPD Tells LGBT Youth It Gets Better

WATCH: NYPD to LGBT Youth: 'It Gets Better'

The police commissioner, LGBT officers, and others came together for the video.

In Honor of Her Brother the First Lady of Phoenix Battles Bullying

To Honor Her Brother, Phoenix 'First Lady' Fights Bullying

After seeing her brother go through hell, Nicole Stanton, the wife of Phoenix's mayor, is on a mission to stop bullying.

PHOTOS Trevor Project Gala Brings Out Loads of Stars

PHOTOS: Trevor Project Gala Brings Out Loads of Stars

"Trevor Live" honored Katy Perry on Sunday during a star-studded event held at The Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles. The place was absolutely crawling with celebrities.

WATCH Donors Help NYC LGBT Youth Center With Storm Recovery But More Funds Needed

WATCH: Donors Help LGBT Youth Center After Sandy

Spurred on by Ally Sheedy and others, donations have been rolling in to the Ali Forney Center after Hurricane Sandy devastated its West Chelsea drop-in center, but more money is needed.

Tony Perkins and Family Research Council Openly Compare Gays to Pedophiles While Defending Boy Scouts

Revealed: The Real Reason FRC Supports the Boy Scouts

Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council have finally said why they really oppose gay men being allowed to join the Boy Scouts of America or to serve as troop leaders.

High School Bans Shirts Supporting LGBT Equality

High School Bans Shirts Supporting LGBT Equality, Calls Them 'Disruptive'

Pro-equality shirts are off limits at one Ohio high school, according to Think Progress.