Southern Poverty Law Center Intervenes After Tennessee Student Banned from Supporting Gay Rights
May 18 2012 6:02 PM ET

Tennessee Student Banned from Supporting LGBT Rights Finds Legal Ally

Neal Broverman

An assistant principal refused to allow students to wear anything with a rainbow on it, saying the image implied sex.

Kansas Teachers Posts on Facebook That Homosexuality on Par With Murder
May 16 2012 2:58 PM ET

Kansas Middle School Teacher Posts on Facebook That Gays Go to Hell

Neal Broverman

An educator announces that gays are as bad as murderers.

LGBT Families and Their Kids to Ring New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell Tonight
May 09 2012 12:17 PM ET

LGBT Families and Their Kids to Ring New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell Tonight

Diane Anderson-Minshall

The Family Equality Council will celebrate more than just the 30th anniversary of the organization tonight:  Jennifer Chrisler, executive director, will ring the New York Stock Exchange closing bell accompanied by dozens of children and their LGBT parents. Family Equality Council supports, represents, and connects the 1 million moms and dads in America who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender as well as the 2 million children they are raising. This is its first visit to the NYSE.

David Bohnett Foundation Donates CyberCenter to Out of Work Aid LGBT Youth
May 08 2012 2:04 PM ET

David Bohnett Fdn. Is Helping LGBT Youth Find Jobs

Neal Broverman

  For many LGBT youth, especially those living on their own, Internet access is a lifeline: providing communication, places to live, job opportunities. The White House and the nonprofit David Bohnett Foundation recently launched a program to ensure disadvantaged queer youth will never be out of work because a computer is out of their reach.

Catholic High School Will Not Allow Gay Student to Accept Matthew Shepard Scholarship
May 08 2012 1:36 PM ET

Gay Student Can't Accept Matthew Shepard Scholarship Onstage

Michelle Garcia

A gay high school senior was told that he cannot formally accept the Matthew Shepard Scholarship at his Catholic school's annual awards ceremony, despite being encouraged to apply for the award by school administrators. ---

Iowa Teen Matt Shankles Uses Twitter For Good
May 02 2012 1:31 PM ET

Tweeting With Kindness

Michelle Garcia


Petition to NYC Archbishop Meet With Homeless LGBT Youth
April 16 2012 8:49 PM ET

Petition to NYC Archbishop: Meet With Homeless LGBT Youth

Trudy Ring

Timothy Dolan called the effort 'not only unfair and unjust, but inflammatory.'

The Director of Bully Was Bullied Too
April 14 2012 2:38 AM ET

The Director of Was Bullied Too

Lucas Grindley

For Lee Hirsch, the camera was his way of fighting back for the kids in the film and for those all over the country who are experiencing the same thing.

WATCH South Parks New AntiBullying Anthem
April 12 2012 6:44 PM ET

WATCH: 's New Antibullying Anthem

Jeremy Kinser

Series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone regularly tackle hot button issues and find humor in some interesting places.

Justin Bieber Lends Song to Bully TV Ads
April 10 2012 1:47 PM ET

Justin Bieber Lends Song to Bully TV Ads, Encourages Fans to See Film

Jeremy Kinser

“I hope they see Bully with their friends and help start the conversation so we can end bullying.”

BYU Students It Gets Better
April 06 2012 8:20 PM ET

BYU Students: It Gets Better

Michelle Garcia

The video from Understanding Same-Gender Attraction is quite somber, but it features several LGBT students talking about their experiences in learning about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

John Carroll Dancing Saved Him From Humiliation of Bullies
March 28 2012 2:18 PM ET

John Carroll: Dancing Saved Me From Humiliation of Bullies

Advocate Contributors

"My heart breaks each time I see, read, or hear about another innocent child’s struggle, or even worse, suicide because of ignorance, intolerance and hatred."

WATCH Martha Stewart Speak Up Stop Bullying
March 27 2012 4:32 PM ET

WATCH: Martha Stewart Wants You to "Speak Up, Stop Bullying"

Jeremy Kinser

Martha says, "It's time to take a stand. Speak up. Stop bullying."