15 Fascinating Groups From The NYC Expo

15 Fascinating Groups From The NYC Expo

The 20th Annual GLBT Expo this weekend went down at the Javits Center in Manhattan. HereTV and Gay.com joined the Expo and so we took a peek at the fellow exhibitors list to see what piqued our interest.

We took the most interesting businesses to share with you below.

Among the 100+ LGBT-friendly businesses attending the expo was The Jerry Springer Show. Yeah, that one where the guests beat each other up and the audience hoots likes maniacs. Don't ask us what they were doing at a GLBT Expo... camp value, perhaps?

Mr. Springer found himself amid a bunch of other great companies. We took 15 eye-catching businesses and broke them into three categories: marriage merchants, exceptional organizations and lesbian delights.

On the following pages, come peruse the Expo with us!


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