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Marvel Comics’ Gay Iceman Cometh

Marvel Comics’ Iceman Cometh


Are you concerned about drawing in straight readers as well? 
I think the X-Men fans who believe the team to be an inclusive group fighting for what’s right will vibe with the book, whether they’re gay straight or bi, lesbian transgender life (sings more Gaga to self). If someone came up to me and called this a gay book, I’d be like: “Whatever, it’s still fun as $#*%, has some amazing super hero action sequences, and tells a kick-ass story.” 

Aside from Kitty in issue 2, will we see any more of Iceman's exes? Like Polaris or Opal? 
The other ladies of Bobby’s past will be addressed at the beginning of issue three, and the execution still has me chuckling, which is good because that issue gets very serious, very fast.

Will we see some of the X-Men's merry queer mutants pop up? Like Northstar, Anole, or Bling? 
I think I’ve said somewhere already that fans can expect Northstar to pop up in the series. That’s really all I’m allowed to dish on — fans will have to check out the series to find out!

Give us some scoop, what can we look forward to in the first six issues of the series?
I’m such a fan of keeping the reading experience pure and spoiler-free, but I gotta give you some skinny! A classic clawed character from X-Men’s catalog will be dropping by towards the second half of the first arc (editor’s note: Marvel has revealed that Wolverine’s formerly deceased bisexual son Daken return in August’s issue 4). 

And finally, tell us about your new Image Comics graphic novel — also on sale this Wednesday. 
Nothing Lasts Forever is a memoir that covers my life when I was in a really bad spot emotionally and then got hit with a disorder that left me 20 pounds underweight. It kind of asks what’s a gay man to do when he’s reached his career goals, doesn’t want kids, and is unsure of love? Very serious, but very touching.


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