Artist Spotlight: Brian Kaminski


Brian Kaminski is a fashion and fine art photographer. A voyeur by heart, he often favors a photojournalistic approach to his work, allowing the creation of a story to evolve naturally through movement, form, and composition. Originally from Arizona, Kaminski found his way to Los Angeles as a model but eventually found his true passion lay behind the camera instead.

Why are you a photographer?
I am truly a voyeur and I love to watch people, so if I can get paid doing something I love, something I do anyways, why not!

What catches your eye?
Light, reflection of light, and the way people stand or are leaning. These are usually the things that I put into my subconscious to draw upon at later times.

How do you choose your subjects?
This is determined by what the client is looking for — the feeling of the clothes, location, etc. — as well as the uninhibition and openness and trust that the model has in my eye.

How do you describe your work?
Third-person photojournalistic. This is the most natural way to produce emotion in a shot. Time magazine meets Vogue.

What makes a good photograph to you?
The ability to convey emotion and beauty through angles, composition, and light/shadow.

Who are your favorite artists?
Terry Richardson. His lighting is constant, simple, and unobtrusive. He can focus his energy on bringing feeling out of the model and location. I also relate to Mario Testino and his style. I began to love him after seeing his "stories" brought to life by his published shots from Brazil.

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