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This Is What Happens When Gay Men Draw Vaginas

This Is What Happens When Gay Men Draw Vaginas

In one of the more unique Kickstarter projects we have seen this year, Shannon O'Malley and Keith Wilson are publishing a book of drawings of vaginas by gay men. They have been collecting them for three years. The drawings display a range of skill so as to lay bare the vagina of the collective gay male mind. Many of the drawings came out of art booth sessions they held in San Francisco, some of them were mailed, and some were made on request. The drawings range from childlike and cartoony to diagramatic and conceptual. They are funny and charming and possibly help break down barriers between two groups of folk who should really understand each other.

The Kickstarter page describes some of the very amusing benefits of financial sponsorship that make us want to get on board just to have contact with these two hilarious people.

About Wilson and O'Malley: He is a filmmaker and visual artist, she is a writer. They started making things together in Austin, Texas, when they took photos for O'Malley's recipe blog (now book), Apocalypse Cakes: Recipes for the End. Since then, they have both moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and have continued to collaborate.

Check out the video below and some samples on the following pages.

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George Crawford, San Francisco, California

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Gmdv6 0

Aaron Sencil, San Francisco, California

Gmdv7 0

Christopher Cerrato, San Francisco, California

Gmdv8 0

Chris Fettin, San Francisco, California

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Gmdv10 0

Ben Aqua, Austin, Texas

Gmdv11 0

Justin Winslow, Brooklyn, New York

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Gmdv13 0

Frank, Mountain View, California

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Gmdv15 0

Dores Andre, Spain

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Aaron Blumenthal, Cheyene

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