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Flannel and Glitter

Kick off Austin Pride Week September 13 as The Rawk Show, Romani Gallery, and Austin Pride present the second installment of "Flannel and Glitter," an exhibit featuring artwork from LGBT artists and allies, gay-themed art, and pieces from gay icons.

Special guests the Sideways Grimace, a Hedwig tribute band, will be performing selections from Hedwig and the Angry Inch as an acoustic duo.

Flannelglitter1 0

Adore Delano by Magnus Hastings

Featured artists include Phyllis Diller, Jason Mecier, Willam Belli, Bruce LaBruce, Elizabeth McGrath, Austin Young, Gris Grimly, Phi Phi O'Hara, Jessicka Addams, John Renaud, Ana Bagayan, Heyd Fontenot, Alaska Thunderfuck, Ben Aqua, Jen Musatto, Miss Guy, Angus Oblong, Silky Shoemaker, Briar Bonifacio, Kevin Aviance, Deven Green, Lee Vanderpool, Nicky Click, TS Madison Hinton, Raja, Shaun Lee, Peaches Christ Carolyn Rue Gomard, Tim Kerr, Mystique Summers, Gery Henderson, Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Brian Grillo, Paige Dearman, James Huctwith, Dan Barry, Yara Sofia, Patricia 'Tan Mom' Krentcil, Grant Worth, Groovie Mann (Thrill Kill Kult), Edward Robin Coronel, Jose Guzman Colon, Serena Cha Cha, Theo Kogan, Kevin Parks Hauser, and "Gay Men Draw Vaginas" collected by Shannon O'Malley and Keith Wilson.

A portion of artwork sales will benefit the all-volunteer, nonprofit Austin Pride organization. This event is free to attend and runs through September 20. Visit for more information.


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Alaska Thunderfuck, Self-portrait


Flannelglitter3 0

Alton and Michel by Ben Aqua

Flannelglitter4 0

Bianca Del Rio by Magnus Hastings


Flannelglitter5 0

Commes des Garcons by Seth Bogart


Flannelglitter6 0

Gentlemen and the Swan by Grant Worth

Flannelglitter7 0

Harvey Milk by Tim Kerr


Flannelglitter8 0

Lisa Vanderpump and Giggy by Jason Mecier


Flannelglitter9 0

Little Green Man by Ana Bagayan

Flannelglitter10 0

Maxillofacial by Grant Worth


Flannelglitter11 0

Miracle of the Bread by James Huctwith


Flannelglitter12 0

Pumpkin Pie by Edward Robin Coronel

Flannelglitter13 0

Rehabitual by Lydia Lunch


Flannelglitter14 0

Self Portrait by Miss Guy


Flannelglitter15 0

Self Portrait by Phyllis Diller

Flannelglitter16 0

Tampax by Seth Bogart


Flannelglitter17 0

The Trouble With Females by Gris Grimly


Flannelglitter18 0

Vicki Gunlavson by Jason Mecier

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