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In the Studio: Darren Jones

DJ 06 0
A Guide to the Mourning Wood, 2014
Ink on paper, 22" x 27.5"
A hand-drawn map of the infamous Meatrack on Fire Island and its myriad pathways; a place of solace, mourning, sexual pleasure, history, and mythology for gay men.

DJ 07 0
Pay-Per-View, 2014
Ink on Post-it note, 3" x 3"
From a series of Post-it note commentaries on social ambitions, professional pursuits, and modern-day anxieties.

DJ 08 0
I'll Get By, 2013
Vinyl, variable dimensions
A wel- known and comforting sentiment, altered in meaning by the absence of one letter.

DJ 09 0
Trinity (Fire Island), 2014
Digital photograph, variable dimensions
Atmospheric anomaly of stars, moonlight, and celestial movement, seen in these orbs rising from the beach in Fire Island Pines.

DJ 10 0
A Token of My Affliction, 2013
Jewelry box, mouse, vinyl, plexi
Musing on the passage of time and the consequences of regret, loss, and fear.

DJ 11 0
Safer Inside, 2014
Text on eggshell, 3" x 2"
From a series of texts on eggshells titled "Safer Inside," noting the egg as a motif of refuge, a place to return to for safety against the relentless tumult of modern life.


Tags: Art, Photography

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