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Artist Spotlight: Sara Swaty

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"I think gender is a continuum. We are both male and female at the same time — we have male and female characteristics, desires, and sometimes male and female body parts. We dress like both, make love like both, and want both as partners and as role models. Some are closer to one side or the other on the continuum, but everyone is both genders — whether they say it or believe it or want it or accept it or not.

"I am bisexual, a male in form. I love men and women. I shave everything because it frees me from a layer of masculine identity so that I can be closer to my mixed-gender self. I am proud and happy to be a man and would not change my body parts or core features that identify me. I like to feel part of my feminine side, and shaving everything makes me feel a little bit that way. It's about how I feel about myself, and shaving is an outward sign of an internal feeling."

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"I am gender-fluid: I portray whatever aspects of gender I feel are fitting at the time. I am whoever I want to be, and it's pretty damn awesome."


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