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Artist Spotlight: Roberta Marrero

Artist Spotlight: Roberta Marrero

Roberta Marrero uses appropriation with complete abandon. Her artwork often looks as if it was done in a frenzied trance. If you go to her website or her Facebook page, you will see her output is enormous and frantic. She doesn't just borrow images, she makes shrines to them, reliquaries of glamor and sex appeal. And yet even her quick sketches feel as if she is in total control as she imbues them with opinion and irony.

The Advocate: How did you come to be an artist?
Roberta Marrero: I learned to draw before I could write. I studied art in Spain and I have always been involved in arts in general. I made a movie, I recorded two albums as a singer, I have been writing for different magazines, etc. In 2007 I started to work on my art again, and since 2009 it is the only thing I do.

Tell us about your early influences growing up?
John Waters, Russ Meyer, punk, new wave, Classic Hollywood, pop art, Gothic, Catholic imagery ...

Which artist, living or dead, would you most like to collaborate with and why?
Andy Warhol. The way art is today is because of him; his influence is massive and I adore his work, especially the sinister pieces like the disasters or the Jackies. A lot of people think that Warhol is just a repetition of something in different colors, but he was a true visionary.

You can see more of Roberta's work on her website, Facebook page, and Tumblr page.

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La Melancolia Del Siglo XX En 3Dx633 0
La melancolía del siglo XX en 3D

Men In Love X633 0
Men in Love

Joan Crawford As David Bowie Iix633 0
Joan Crawford as David Bowie II

Saint Sebastian Number Twox633 0
Saint Sebastian, Number Two

Divine Meets Roy Lichtenstein Number Twox633 0
Divine Meets Roy Lichtenstein, Number Two

Definición de nada o viaje a los sueños polares

Jerarquiax633 0

Angels Of Deathx633 0
Angels of Death

Colour By Numbersx633 0
Colour by Numbers

Sinsx633 0

Atrevete Y Hazlox633 0
Atrévete y hazlo

Coven By Roberta Marrerox633 0

Definicion De Guapo O Carlos Bailax633 0
Definición de guapo o Carlos baila

God Knowsx633 0
God Knows

Knowledge Number 8 X633 0
Knowledge, Number 8

Double Joan My Elvis Number 9x633 0
Double Joan (My Elvis Number 9)

Joe Before Warholx633 0
Joe Before Warhol

Let His Light Light Your Way IIx633 0
Let His Light Light Your Way, II

Picasso Meets Divine Number 2x633 0
Picasso Meets Divine, Number 2

San Miguel Luchando Contra El Demonio.x633 0
San Miguel Luchando Contra El Demonio

Big Bang By Roberta Marrerox633 0
Big Bang

Stars Are Never Sleepingx633 0
Stars Are Never Sleeping

The Veil Of Veronicax633 0
The Veil of Veronica

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