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16 Great Books to Read This Week

Liberace Extravaganzax200
Liberace Extravaganza! by Connie Furr Soloman and Jan Jewett (Harper Collins)

The spectacular and always emaculately dressed Wladziu Valentino Liberace was a world-renowned icon in entertainment for over four decades. For the first time ever, his Liberace Extravaganza! — a collection of his most outlandish furs, feather capes, bow ties, coats, suits, and more — are on display in this book. Some of his suits are priced at more than $24,000 with their Swarovski crystal rhinestones and fourteen-karat diamond-encursted buttons. With a foreward written by Liberace's principal designer and original sketches from his other designers as well, this first volume is one of a kind — just like the man himself.  (, $29.99)


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