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The Art of Maurice Heerdink

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Dutch artist Maurice Heerdink becomes enthralled with a theme. (How many male physique/falconry artists do you know?) He was born in 1955 and currently resides near Amsterdam. Heerdink's interests have led him to artistically explore mythology, Mayan culture, falconry, films, Dutch theater personalities, various foreign cultures, and of course, Caravaggio — to whom his style owes a small debt.

After attending the Royal Art Academy in The Hague, Heerdink experienced years of high praise and poverty. His choice to move into commercial work benefited him as it increased his knowledge of painting and printing. And in 1995 he returned to the fine art world with a series based on the male physique.

In November a collection of his best work was published in the book The Art of Maurice Heerdink, available here. To see more of his work, visit his website here, and connect with him on Facebook here.

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Portrait of M. (This work was done in one month during a heatwave.) Acrylic on canvas, 2006

See more of Heredink's work on the following pages >>>

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The Hoodmaker, acrylic on canvas, 2002

Maurice Heerdink 04 0
Wacht hoet varen sal... (Await What's Coming), acrylic on canvas, 2008-2010

Maurice Heerdink 05 0
Cain and Abel, acrylic-pencil on paper, 2001

Maurice Heerdink 06 0
Laocoon, acrylic on paper, 2007

Maurice Heerdink 07 0
Prometheus, acrylic on canvas, 2002

Maurice Heerdink 08 0
Then There Was a Sound (The Minotaur), acrylic on canvas, 2009

Maurice Heerdink 09 0
Donmar, acrylic on canvas, 2004


Maurice Heerdink 02 0
Fingers, pencil on paper, 1998

Maurice Heerdink 10 0
The Calendar: February, acrylic-pencil on paper, 1997

Maurice Heerdink 11 0
Floating, acrylic on canvas, 1996

Maurice Heerdink 12 0
G., Back, pencil on paper, 2004

Maurice Heerdink 13 0
He just stood there..., acrylic on board, 2008

Maurice Heerdink 15 0
Quentin R 2, acrylic on board, 2013

Maurice Heerdink 16 0
Vanitas, (Quentin R., a ballet dancer from NDT), acrylic on canvas, 2012

Maurice Heerdink 18 0
Olivier, acrylic on canvas, 2013

Maurice Heerdink 17 0
Waking Up G, pencil on paper, 1997
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