Whatta Man-crush!

Whatta Man-crush!

Chris Evans: Brad Pitt
“My buddies always tell me that I have a man-crush on Brad Pitt,” said the Captain America star in 2009 interview with The Advocate. “What can I say? The guy’s great. I think he’s a great fuckin’ actor, and he’s versatile as all hell. I’ve never seen a movie I didn’t like him in. So I guess he’s my man-crush.”

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 Zach Galifianakis (left) and Paul Rudd x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMPaul Rudd: Zach Galifianakis
Does Paul Rudd have a man-crush? 
“I have so many! Like Zach Galifianakis,” said the Clueless star in a 2007 interview with The Advocate. “In fact, my wife always says that I have the biggest crush on him. He’s a comic who usually has this big beard, but he’s so freakin’ funny.” But is he good-looking?
 “Not really. I like depth. Anyone can just jump in the sack with Colin Farrell, but you spend your life with Zach Galifianakis.”

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Dax Shepard (left) and Bradley Cooper x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMBradley Cooper: Dax Shepard
“Although we only worked one day together on a movie called The Comebacks, I had a huge bromance with Dax Shepard,” said The Hangover’s Bradley Cooper in a 2009 interview with The Advocate. “I'm the type of guy who falls in love fast.”

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Christian Bale (left) and Pete Wentz x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMPete Wentz: Christian Bale
Does Pete Wentz have a man-crush? “I don’t have an issue finding guys attractive,” said the Fall Out Boy bassist-lyricist in a 2008 interview with The Advocate. “I was with my friend last night watching The Prestige and she’s like, ‘Christian Bale is so hot.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s a good-looking dude.’ There’s nobody specific, but if you just named off dudes I could tell you if I thought they were hot or not.”

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George Clooney (left) and Will Arnett x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMWill Arnett: George Clooney
Will Arnett’s man-crush?
 George Clooney, of course. “He’s just the ultimate cool,” said the Up All Night star in a 2007 interview with The Advocate. “How can you say a bad word about the guy? He’s handsome as you want to be, he’s got that perfect salt-and-pepper hair, he looks like he was born in a tuxedo — did you see him at the Oscars? I mean, c’mon, that’s just not fair. He’s got it going on.”

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Peter Facinelli (left) and Kellan Lutz x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMKellan Lutz: Peter Facinelli
Kellan Lutz doesn’t care about gay rumors — especially if they link him romantically to his friend and Twilight costar Peter Facinelli. “Peter’s great to look up to,” said the Immortals hunk in a November 2011 interview with The Advocate. “He’s like a father figure to me. He’s young, but he’s been in this industry for a long time, so it’s great to go to him for counsel. What do they call Peter and I — Pellan? Pellan for life!”

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Will Arnett (right) and Jason Bateman x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMJason Bateman: Will Arnett
“Oh, God, who am I gay for…,” ponders Arrested Development star Jason Bateman in a 2007 interview with The Advocate. “Well, Will Arnett, the guy who played G.O.B. on Arrested Development. I’ve been trying to get in his pants since the pilot, and he’s just not giving it up.”

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Derek Jeter (left) and Bobby Cannavale x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMBobby Cannavale: Derek Jeter
Does Will & Grace alum Bobby Cannavale have a man-crush? “This isn't a trick question, is it?” asked the Will & Grace alum in a 2007 interview with The Advocate. “I don't know — Derek Jeter? I'm a huge Yankees fan. He's just the best.”

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George Clooney (left) and John Krasinski x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMJohn Krasinski: George Clooney
“Well, I admire him so much, if I was ever going to have a dude-crush, it would be on George Clooney,” said The Office’s John Krasinski about his Leatherheads costar a 2008 interview with The Advocate. “I mean, I don’t think you can avoid it. It’s like a superpower — he just sucks anybody in around him.”

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Colin Farrell (left) and Alec Baldwin x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMAlec Baldwin: Colin Farrell
If he had starred as gay designer Halston in the cancelled biopic Simply Halston, whom would he have chosen to play his onscreen love interest? “Let’s get Colin Farrell in there to do a gay love scene,” said the 30 Rock star in a 2008 interview with The Advocate. “He could sell some tickets.”

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John Slattery (left) and Jason Sudeikis x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMJason Sudeikis: John Slattery
He bumped mustaches with Mad Men’s Jon Hamm on Saturday Night Live, but who does Jason Sudeikis consider his man-crush? “Is Kim Kardashian a dude? Can we just put a mustache on her?” joked the Horrible Bosses star in a March 2011 interview with The Advocate. “You know who I love every time I see him perform? Denis O’Hare. He’s just fantastic. But just to keep it in the Mad Men universe, I’m going to go with John Slattery. He’s a cool dude, he cracks me up, and his wife kicks ass.”

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Matt Weiner (left) and Jon Hamm x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMJon Hamm: Matt Weiner
“The big thing now is the man-crush — I love this new phrase, which tries to butch up the idea as much as possible,” said Mad Men’s Jon Hamm in a 2008 interview with The Advocate. “But guys like guys all the time. They don’t necessarily want to have sex with them, but they have relationships with male friends.” So who’s Hamm’s man-crush?
 “Man, Matt Weiner, who wrote this goddamn thing… [John] Slattery, who’s fuckin’ genius on it… I have tons of men who have inspired me in my life.”

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Neil Patrick Harris (left) and John Stamos x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMJohn Stamos: Neil Patrick Harris
“Who would I be into if I were gay? You know, I’ve never been asked that before,” said Full House’s John Stamos in a 2009 interview with The Advocate. “And I can’t say ‘me,’ right? Well, I’m attracted to funny people. Let me think... Neil Patrick Harris, maybe. He’s funny. I love Neil. It always breaks my heart when I see someone who has the courage to come out and then it hurts their career, but I think it’s fantastic that Neil’s coming-out didn’t seem to hurt him one bit; in fact, it’s propelled him. He’s become such a force in our business.”

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Antonio Banderas (left, in Desperado) and Adam Levine x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMAdam Levine: Antonio Banderas
“Oh, there are beautiful men out there,” said Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine in a 2007 interview with The Advocate. “Antonio Banderas is gorgeous. Well, maybe not so much anymore. He peaked around Desperado. I mean, every male secretly wants to have sex with Brad Pitt, but that’s a given.

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Paul Newman (left) and Denis Leary x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMDenis Leary: Paul Newman
When Elle asked Denis Leary which man he would sleep with if his life depended on it, he answered, “I’d shoot myself in the head.” Wasn’t that a little harsh, Denis? “I guess that’s just my genetic makeup,” said the Rescue Me star in a 2008 interview with The Advocate. “I’d have to have my wife dress up as a man. I never met him, but I always really loved Paul Newman — not only as an actor, but also the way he carried himself and what he did with his celebrity. So I guess I’d have to dress my wife up as Paul Newman.”

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Colin Farrell (left) and Justin Theroux x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMJustin Theroux: Colin Farrell
Long before he made headlines for being Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend, Justin Theroux discussed his celebrity man-crushes in a 2007 interview with The Advocate. “I worked with Colin Farrell [in Miami Vice], and he’s really charming and charismatic,” said the Broken Hearts Club star. Theroux also confessed a crush on old-school French actor Alain Delon. “I think with Alain Delon anyone would try something out. He’s to film what Lou Reed was to music: You can’t get any cooler.”

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Timothy Olyphant (left) and Zach Braff x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMZach Braff: Timothy Olyphant
“I have a man-crush on Tim Olyphant,” said Scrubs doc Zach Braff about his Broken Hearts Club costar in a 2007 interview with The Advocate. “In fact, I saw him the other night, and I told him about my man-crush.”

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Johnny Depp (left) and Patrick Dempsey x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMPatrick Dempsey: Johnny Depp
He’s a perennial pick on People’s Sexiest Men Alive list, but which male celebrity does Patrick Dempsey find sexy? “Johnny Depp, certainly, without question,” said Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy in a 2008 interview with The Advocate. “There’s just something about his individuality, his humility, and his sense of style. He’s also immensely talented and intelligent, and that’s all very sexy.”

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Justin Timberlake (left) and Seth MacFarlane x560 (Getty) | ADVOCATE.COMSeth MacFarlane: Justin Timberlake
If Seth MacFarlane inexplicably woke up gay tomorrow, what would be his first order of business?
 “I would seek out Justin Timberlake and get him to admit it,” said the Family Guy creator in 2008 interview with The Advocate. That may not count as a man-crush, but it’s good enough for us.

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Adrien Brody No Namex560
Adrien Brody: ?
For his next gay role, whom would Adrien Brody choose to play his onscreen love interest? “You want me to name an actor? No, I can’t answer that question,” said the Oscar winner in a 2008 interview with The Advocate. “See, you ask me how I deal with rumors, and I also have to deal with not adding fuel to them. Something that would be a completely innocuous comment on my part will be completely taken out of context by the next journalist, so I’d appreciate it if you were understanding about that.”

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