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Rebel Wilson: Big Fun

Rebel Wilson: Big Fun

Rebel Wilson Pitch Perfect02x400
How did you and Matt decide to share a home?
I guess because we both were coming to live here permanently. We only met on Bridesmaids, and we became such good friends. I’m the oldest of all my siblings, so I’ve never had like an older brother to look up to, and he’s kind of like that. And he’s been through so much in his career already, so he can give me really good advice, and he’s just the nicest, most generous guy. He said, “Oh, do you want to be roommates for real?” I was so shocked that he asked me, so I was like, “Yeah, sure.” I think he knows I’m quite sensible and responsible even though I do wild crazy things in comedy, but in real life it’s not like I’m going to burn the house down for a laugh. I’m going to be super sensible and pretty fun.

What’s a typical night like for you two when you’re not working?
At the moment we have Sam [Barks], who plays Éponine in the Les Miz movie that’s coming up, over at the house too, so we just sing all the time. Matt taught himself how to play piano two years ago. I’m like, “How did you even do that?” But he did. And he sits and plays, and we sing songs like show tunes, or we just go in the hot tub. That’s how we like to chill.

Do you two ever go out in West Hollywood?
We’re trying to find out all the good places to go to. And we’re just kind of trying them one by one really, like all the cafés and restaurants and different places to hang out.

Do you go out to clubs or bars?
I’ve been so busy that I haven’t, and also sometimes I feel like I’m not cool enough to get in because aren’t people like pretty cool here in Hollywood? Sometimes you know like when you’re leaving our part of Hollywood to go see a movie, you see people lining up at the clubs, and they’re all dressed really fancy. I don’t know whether I’d fit in.

I'm curious because I just happen to know some lesbians who are all but obsessed with you.
You know, I do notice on Twitter that a lot of girls write to me and they either say, “I want to be your best friend,” or they say, “I have a total girl crush on you.” I’m like “Awww.”

Well, I know one woman in particular who has more than just a typical girl crush. So I’m curious if when you do go out if you get hit on by women.
Um, actually I get hit on a lot by African-American homeless men. That seems to be the main demographic I get a lot of attention from, so I’d love it if it turned more around to lesbians. That’d be way, way, way better. But no, I haven’t. Yeah, but maybe I don’t go out that much, that’s why.

Getting back to Pitch Perfect, did you have any singing experience before this?
I’d done musical theater. I’d never done like Broadway. I’ve done musical theater workshops but never the actual production because I was always working in TV or doing movie stuff. So like a little bit but not a huge amount — certainly I didn’t have a huge background in 10-part harmony singing.

Had you ever performed with an a cappella group?
I was in an a cappella group in high school. So if you look at the sheet music of our finale routine in the movie, it is so complicated. Like the actual arrangement is super, super complicated. It was at least 10, 20 times harder than the stuff we used to do in high school in our little group called the 12-Voice Choir. Yeah, this is way cooler and way more sophisticated.


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