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Jack And Dianex633

10. DVD: Jack and Diane
In Jack and Diane, a steamy summer romance between sweet, naive Diane and tough, no-nonsense Jack amid the New York City skyscrapers quickly sweeps both ladies off their feet. But when the lovers try to come to terms with their imminent separation at summer's end, Diane's sorrow begins to manifest itself in terrifying, violent physical changes to her body. Starring Juno Temple and Riley Keough, the film features new music from múm and Kylie Minogue. Written and directed by Bradley Rust Gray. Available at Amazon. See a preview below.

Calling Dr Laurax633

9. BOOKS: Calling Dr. Laura: A Graphic Memoir By Nicole J. Georges
In this coming-of-age/coming-out graphic memoir, noted Portland zinester and illustrator Nicole J. Georges chronicles her discovery that her mother lied to her when she said her father had died. Instead, Georges learns through her half-sister that he had been alive and her entire family had been keeping that secret for two decades. Georges turns to controversial Dr. Laura to help her sort it all out. Preorder the memoir, which comes out January 22.


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