Hot Sheet: Studs and Pearls


10. MUSIC: Mount Moriah: Miracle Temple

North Carolina rockers Mount Moriah release their second album, Miracle Temple, on Tuesday. The trio's first album focused on lead singer and lyricist Heather McIntyre's coming out, and Miracle Temple continues that theme. See some of their work below:

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9. BOOKS: The Accidental Feminist, How Elizabeth Taylor Raised Our
Consciousness and We Were Too Distracted by Her Beauty to Notice
by M.G. Ward

There are many reasons to love the late Elizabeth Taylor, from her larger-than-life personality, to her mastery of acting, and her philanthropic work. But while we were filling movie theater seats to watch her grace the silver screen, she was taking on film roles that dealt with the role of women while also using her fame as a platform for progress in Hollywood, America, and the world. This book, now in paperback, explores the Taylor's powerful influence as a not-so-obvious feminist icon with unpublished letters, scripts, and interviews with those who knew her and studied her work.


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