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10. THEATER: Bacon Strip
Bacon Strip, Seattle’s long-running “big gay variety show,” moves to a new home this weekend. The monthly event, featuring drag performers, music, and outrageous comedy, was in need of a new permanent venue since its run at Re-Bar, where the show started in 2005, ended last year. It’s found it at the Grill on Broadway’s Atrium Stage, where it opens Saturday night with a best-of show, featuring some of Bacon Strip’s most-loved performers and skits. And next month comes the Miss Bacon Strip Pageant! More info is here.


9. BOOK: When Love Comes to Town
When Love Comes To Town has been referred to as the Catcher in the Rye of its time. Tom Lennon's story of a teenager in Dublin takes place in 1990, and he is struggling to come out, while keeping up with the cool kids at school. The book has been reissued for the U.S. for a new audience of young adult readers who might see themselves in young Neil.


8. THEATER: Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma
This revival of the 1971 Cockettes musical extravaganza features three original members of the legendary San Francisco psychedelic drag troupe: Scrumbly Koldewyn, “Sweet Pam” Tent, and Rumi Missabu. Billed as resembling “a Busby Berkeley movie on acid,” the show follows a temperamental actress and an ingenue from Hollywood to Broadway and back in the 1930s, and it’s all set to a score of quirky musical numbers. Previews begin Thursday, and the show runs Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays through June 1. Click here for more information.


7. DVD: Strange Frame
This colorful and engrossing new animated lesbian sci-fi rock musical, which debuted on DVD this week and won best feature at Dragon Con 2012, is set 500 years into the future where the human race has abandoned an uninhabited earth. The story explores the power of love between two queer, genetically modified women — saxophonist Parker (Claudia Black from Stargate SG-1) and guitarist Naia (Tara Strong) — who fall in love, make sweet music, and fight for their freedom from the evil Mig (played pitch-perfectly by Rocky Horror’s Tim Curry). This music-infused illusory tale offers vibrant animation that will bring viewers into a world of space pirates, slaves, genetic mutations, and gender blending, as well as some beloved voices (such as Star Trek’s George Takei, A Different World star Cree Summers, Ron Glass from Firefly, and Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Juliet Landau. Bonus points: Strange Frame is written and directed by lesbian musician Shelley Doty and G.B. Hajim. The DVD includes behind-the-scenes featurettes with star Claudia Black, among others. You can stream, rent, or buy the film at


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