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Hot Sheet: All Those Wonderful People Out There in the Dark

Excluded JULIA SERRANOX633 0

8. BOOK: Julia Serano, Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive

Award-winning transgender, bisexual author, performer, and activist Julia Serano's latest work delves into the unsettlingly exclusionary nature of modern feminist and queer movements. Although both feminists and radical queers claim to value diversity and seek inclusion, the broader feminist and queer movements often leave little space for anyone who doesn't fit a specific narrative. For example, feminism has a long history of excluding lesbians, and the modern queer movement has emerged as a largely white, homogeneous group with a certain aesthetic. Those who don't fit those prescribed narratives are, as Serano notes, excluded. In characteristic thought-provoking and dense text, Serano offers possible solutions to finally reach the egalitarian society each of these equality-minded movements claims to desire. Excluded is available through Seal Press starting Tuesday. — Sunnivie Brydum


7. THEATER: Skylight Salute Honoring Terrence McNally
Los Angeles’s Skylight Theatre Company honors the great gay playwright with a weekend of star-studded events. Tonight there’s a panel discussion, “Does It Take One to Know One?” on writing gay characters and themes, with McNally and other out showbiz figures, scheduled to include Jeffrey Richman, Max Mutchnick, Dan Bucatinsky, Savannah Dooley, and more. Saturday brings a celebrity reading of McNally’s classic comedy It’s Only a Play, set to feature Griffin Dunne, John Fleck, and Lisa Kudrow, among others. Capping it off Sunday is an all-star performance of scenes and songs from McNally works Ragtime, Master Class, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Love! Valour! Compassion! and more; scheduled participants include Jason Alexander, Ed Asner, Tyne Daly, Johnny Galecki, John Benjamin Hickey, Cheyenne Jackson, Sharon Lawrence, Geoffrey Nauffts, Doris Roberts, Steven Weber, and many others. The first two events are at L.A.’s Skylight Theatre, the last at the Saban Theatre. — Trudy Ring

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6. FILM: Turtle Hill, Brooklyn
Will and Mateo are throwing a 30th birthday party for Will at their home in the Turtle Hill section of Brooklyn. When Will's conservative sister stops by unexpectedly, he is forced to come out to her and face the repercussions. From director Ryan Gielen, Turtle Hill, Brooklyn lands on DVD nationwide Tuesday. The film has been an audience favorite at festivals around the country, including NewFest (Audience Award: Best Narrative Feature), ImageOut, the Seattle LGBT Film Festival, Cinema Diverse Palm Springs, Calif., and the Philadelphia QFest, where it was hailed as "a modern-day Boys in the Band" and "intimate and affecting." Watch the trailer for the film below, and for more information visit the official Facebook page. — Jase Peeples

Turtle Hill, Brooklyn (Official HD Trailer) from Ryan Gielen (Believe, LTD) on Vimeo.


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